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Jerry Maguire (US)

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Externa recensioner om Jerry Maguire (US)
  • High-Def Digest

    The Movie Itself: 8/10
    HD Video Quality: 6/10
    HD Audio Quality: 6/10
    Supplements: 2/10
    High-Def Extras: 0/10

    ?Jerry Maguire? is one of those rare romantic comedies that captures every member of its audience, regardless of gender, age, or personal experiences. It?s a truly funny genre pic that delivers plenty of laughs, sharp wit, and a compelling story. Unfortunately, this Blu-ray release doesn?t pack as much punch as the film itself. It features a decent but problematic video transfer, a faithful but limited lossless audio track, and a fairly appalling supplemental package. While the presentation is a clear upgrade from the DVD, this disc simply doesn?t live up to better catalog releases on the market.

    12 år sedan
  • Video: 8/10
    Audio: 8/10
    Extras: 7/10
    Film value: 8/10

    If it ever comes down to a chick flick/ guy flick argument, "Jerry Maguire" is a perfect compromise. It's a romantic comedy with attitude . . . and more laughs than a beer commercial. If guys can't meet their women halfway with this film, then they're hopeless bachelors, because "Jerry Maguire" nails male/female relationships and also does a pretty good job with the world of sports as big business.

    12 år sedan
  • T3

    WE LOVE:
    Tom Cruise - for a change
    The perfect mix of action and romance
    The hilarious Rod Tidwell

    WE HATE:
    It makes us cry :(

    WE SAY:
    "You had me at hello."

    12 år sedan