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Lost - Säsong 4

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Externa recensioner om Lost - Säsong 4
  • Video: 10/10
    Audio: 10/10
    Extras: 7/10
    Film value: 9/10

    Count me among the admirers for this TV drama. The quality is consistently high, it makes you work to try to figure out what's going on, and the scenery is so beautiful you can't help but think it wouldn't be so bad to be lost . . . in Hawaii. Even if you haven't seen this show before, you can get a pretty good sense from Season 4 of what's going on, and there's enough new drama to be compelling whether you've seen the previous few seasons or not. In fact, I decided it probably wouldn't make any difference for me even if I had, since my memory stinks. So I'm glad I decided to watch this in mid-stream.

    11 år sedan