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Super Flower Leadex Platinum 2000W

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  • Super Flower Leadex Platinum 2000 W


    • Competitive price considering its features
    • Able to deliver more than 2 kW under extreme conditions
    • Delivered more than its full nominal power at 48°C
    • Excellent ripple suppression at +12V
    • Highly efficient
    • Top performance of the +12V rail in Advanced Transient Response and Turn-on tests
    • Exclusive use of Japanese capacitors
    • Huge amount of available connectors (including 14x PCIe)
    • Long stealth cables
    • Thick IEC 60320 C19 AC power plug


    • Huge dimensions (22.5 cm length)
    • Increased noise output
    • Lower than 16 ms hold-up time
    • Short distance between peripheral connectors
    • Efficiency at low loads (

    Super Flower caught the competition by surprise and clearly took the crown in the umber-high wattage category. The Leadex Platinum 2 kW is currently the strongest desktop PSU, and its high capacity only makes it compatible with 230 VAC mains since a standard 115 V socket can deliver no more than 15 amperes, which is 1725 W. During the full load test, the PSU pulled 2194.15 W out of the AC socket, which clearly shows that a normal 115 VAC socket cannot feed it. This is one of the reasons behind its limited availability as it is only sold by a few online shops in the EU, being one since they are Super Flower's official EU reseller. Only a handful of people obviously need such high capacity PSUs, and I am referring to professional-class overclockers that apply huge overclocks in their efforts to conquer the HWbot charts. Only by connecting three AMD Radeon R9 295X2 VGAs will you push this unit close to its official maximum power rating. But my tests also show that it had no problem delivering up to 2.2 kW over prolonged periods at high operating temperatures. This PSU's only major downside is its fan's noise output as it spins at high speeds at even light loads. I believe Super Flower could provide a more relaxed fan profile for light-mid loads, but they apparently sought to stay on the safe side, which I can't fault. This PSU is for those that will most likely run with much noisier system components than this unit's fan, so Super Flower thought it best to provide adequate cooling under all circumstances to ensure the PSU's proper operation and longevity.

    6 år sedan