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Fractal Design Core 500 (Svart)

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    Fractal Design Core 500

    Sammanfattningsvis är dock Core 500 ett klart intressant alternativ för den som vill bygga ett kompakt kraftpaket utan att för den delen punga ut en förmögenhet på chassit. Modellen bjuder på trevlig flexibilitet gällandes både kylning och lagringsmöjligheter samtidigt som både långa grafikkort och ordentliga nätaggregat får plats på insidan. Se bara till att ladda upp med tålamod inför monteringen!


    • Imponerande expansionsmöjligheter för storleken

    • God potential för både vatten- och luftkylning

    • Smart lagringsmontering

    • Priset


    • Något svåråtkomliga dammfilter

    • Krånglig kabeldragning

    4 år sedan
  • Fractal Design Core 500


    • Robust construction quality
    • Magnetic, removable dust filters on all intake areas
    • Very good use of space
    • Can hold large CPU coolers
    • Long GPUs will fit—in combination with a short PSU
    • Can hold up to six hard drives
    • Good cable-management possibilities
    • 140 mm fan in rear included
    • Can hold up to 280 mm radiator
    • Full ATX PSUs will fit
    • Easy assembly process because of three opens sides


    • Radiator above 140 mm will block ODD bay
    • PSU length is the biggest limiting factor
    • PSU cable a tight fit

    4 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Fractal Design Core 500 Mini-ITX Chassis

    ConclusionWith its plain looks, the Core 500 is not imbued with a lot of style, but the underlying design is remarkably solid. Though the intake vents along the sides of the front panel are overly restricted by foam linings, it's well ventilated thanks to the large grills on the side and top of the case and fine magnetic filters. The result is a well-cooled machine that can be operated quietly with just the single included exhaust fan. The chassis is a bit wider than other cases of this type, and the extra girth allows for an additional two 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drive placements on the right side, complimenting the front drive cage that boasts both a 3.5 inch and a standard 5.25 inch drive mount. Enthusiasts can delight in 280 mm radiator support on the ceiling, provided the aforementioned drive cage is removed. The chassis is also tall enough for lanky tower heatsinks and deep enough to accommodate a 31 cm long graphics card. My only complaint is that the front panel cables in our sample were only tenuously connected. Glue was applied at the factory to keep the headers connected but they simply wouldn't hold on, with the gentlest of tugs prying them loose. This can be remedied easily enough by the user but it's surprising to see such a defect in a product from a well respected manufacturer. Overall, the Core 500 is an excellent all-around mini-ITX case and a superb value. It's a faithful translation of Fractal Design's larger Core series cases for the smaller form factor and a fine addition to the pantheon of Shuttle/cube style SFF enclosures.

    4 år sedan