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Fractal Design Define S (Svart)

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  • Inget betyg
    Fractal Design Define S Case Review

    Designed for liquid-cooling enthusiasts, Fractal Design’s Define S could be the perfect solution for your next extreme cooling build.

    5 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Fractal Design Define S Tower Case

    ConclusionThe Define S is an unusual alteration to the R5. A lower cost, simplified version that lacks a few nonessential features like the fan controller, extra front USB ports, and side panel locking mechanisms is understandable, but this doesn't completely jibe with the focus on watercooling. Taking out drive cages to make room for custom loop components makes sense, but enthusiasts who pursue this line of cooling have reasonably deep pockets so cutting extras to save a mere US$30 is unnecessary. And if Fractal Design truly wanted to make a more watercooling-friendly tower, they would have also added some more room up top to allow for thicker, ceiling-mounted radiators, as that position offers more open airflow than the front. [Editor's Note: But a real change in the height of the case would have required retooling, which is no piffling expense.] The lack of drive support may be a problem for some, but most users don't need more than three 3.5 inch drives, and 5.25 inch bays become less relevant with each passing day. If you do require an optical drive, a hotswap drive rack, or a memory card reader, there are many external options. The other notable 5.25 inch accessory is an aftermarket fan controller but motherboard fan control are often quite capable these days. The new drive mount scheme isn't as secure as the R5's traditional drive cage, making drive vibration a potential problem. If you're sensitive to that kind of noise, it would be prudent to stay away from high RPM drives altogether. That being said, my overall impression of the Define S is positive as it retains much of what's good about the R5. It's well put together, has superb cable management, and its well-ventilated design produces excellent performance with only two fans. The R5 is more versatile, but this budget version is certainly no slouch, and it's nice to see quality ATX tower case enter the market for less than US$100.

    6 år sedan