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Epson EH-LS10000

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Hemmabioprojektor som använder dubbla laserljuskällor och den nya 3LCD Reflective-tekniken. Ljuskällan håller i 30 000 timmar i eco-läge. Kapabel att ta emot 4K-innehåll och Full HD-innehåll,med 1080p till 2D och 3D-konvertering. Utrustad med en ljusstyrka på 1.500 Lumen i enlighet med ISO 21118:2012. Stäng
Hemmabioprojektor som använder dubbla laserljuskällor och den nya 3LCD Reflective-tekniken. Ljuskällan håller i 30 000 timmar i eco-läge. Kapabel att ta emot 4K-innehåll och Ful... Läs mer
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  • Epson EH-LS10000 review

    The image quality produced by the LS10000's ground-breaking laser-based optical system, together with its enormous lamp life, go a long way towards countering any disappointment caused by its lack of native 4K and HDR support.

    Although it may be only an alternative to rivals such as the JVC X700R and Sony VW300ES, rather than delivering a quantum leap ahead, the fact that it’s even worthy of consideration alongside such illustrious company makes it a resounding success.

    Superb contrast and colours
    Runs very quietly in Eco mode
    30,000-hour life from laser light source

    Not as bright as hoped
    Not native 4K resolution
    Runs noisily at high light output

    5 år sedan
  • Conclusion
    Well if you don't like the idea of bulb-based projectors then the Epson LS10000 is definitely the one for you. There's no doubt that laser projection is the future and the almost instant on/off, improved accuracy, increased brightness, long term stability and 30,000 hour life span are all great reasons to buy one. It can deliver enough brightness to handle less than ideal conditions and you can use the projector for watching TV or gaming without having to worry about the bulb dimming.

    Of course all these benefits would be rendered moot if the LS10000 was incapable of delivering a decent image and thankfully Epson have delivered the goods in this department. The out-of-the-box accuracy was very good and the projector capable of a reference level of accuracy after calibration. The use of a three chip LCoQ design also meant that the LS10000 was able to deliver the kind of black levels and contrast performance previously only seen on JVC projectors.

    The LS10000 produced some lovely 2D images with plenty of detail, natural-looking colours, great blacks and decent motion handling. The 3D performance was just as good, with bright images that were free of any crosstalk. There are plenty of other great features too, with the 4K Enhancement control working well in its lowest setting and the motorised lens controls and memory function making setup easy, even for those that use a scope ratio screen.

    Custom installers will like the projector's flexibility and control support, and despite being quite large the LS10000 sports a sleek design and excellent build quality. The main negatives for the Epson are that it isn't a native 4K projector and the HDMI inputs aren't full 2.0. On the plus side it can accept a native 4K signal, it supports a DCI colour space and has 10-bit video processing, which means you can still take advantage of UHD Blu-ray when it arrives. So if you're currently looking for a projector in the £5,000-7,000 price range, the Epson EH-LS10000 should definitely be on your short list

    Excellent black levels
    Effective laser light source
    Accurate calibrated images
    Impressive video processing
    Plenty of features
    Great design and build quality
    Competitive price

    Not native 4K
    HDMI inputs limited

    5 år sedan
  • Epson EH-LS10000 4K laser projector reviewed

    Overall, this Epson projector is a stunning proposition. While the lack of native 4K support is inconvenient, the solid state light engine, high quality upscaling and reflective LCD panels genuinely usher in a new era of home cinema projection. To see one is to want one. Watch it sell itself.

    5 år sedan
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    Epson EH-LS10000 review

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    • Performance: 10
    • Design: 9
    • Features: 10
    • Overall: 10