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Kodak EasyShare W1020

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Externa recensioner om Kodak EasyShare W1020
  • PC

    The Kodak EasyShare W1020 includes Wi-Fi and is easy to set up, but the included Kodak software is clunky and slows down your PC, and the touch border can be awkward to navigate. Overall, it's a qualified success at a reasonable price.

    10 år sedan
  • MacLife

    A good screen and seemingly magic online integration outweigh this digital frame?s weak interface.

    10 år sedan
  • Kodak EasyShare W1020 digital photo frame


    • Bright crisp screen
    • Wi-Fi
    • Flickr support
    • Kodak Gallery support


    • Need a PC to get full advantage of the frame's capabilities
    • Controls can be confusing to use

    Conclusion The capabilities of the EasyShare W1020 are plentiful. It allows you to stream photos from your computer or the web and the picture size and quality is very good.So why aren't we as excited as we perhaps should be? Well to get the most from the frame you need a PC to set it up and even then the buttons on the unit are fiddly to say the least.If you plan to sit this in your home and never touch it thereafter then this might be worth considering, but only after you've faffed for 30 minutes beforehand.

  • Inget betyg
    DigitalReviews Network

    The Kodak W1020 is a well thought out digital photo frame that performs the basic photo display function admirably. Without doubt it is feature packed although some features are less useful than first appears. Overall there is a good balance between the performance, image quality, features against the cost. The ability to connect to web based image hosting website certainly makes this an attractive proposition as a gift to the less technology savvy members of the family who are keen to see changing images from your life.I did find it challenging to navigate all the options via the frame once the initial work was done. However, in the normal course of use I would invest the time and effort to configure the unit to function as I want it then rarely change the settings unless required.Kodak EasyShare W1020 Wireless Digital Frame is available now for USD$229.95 (or AUD$429.00).

    10 år sedan