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Samsung 850 EVO Series MZ-M5E250BW 250GB

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    Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD Review


    • Very power efficient
    • Overall strong performance
    • 1TB of flash in very small form-factor

    Conclusion Built for small form factor computing, embedded applications, and ultra-thin PCs and desktops, the Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD is a supplement to the 2.5" 850 EVO line, both of which feature Samsung's innovative 3D V-NAND technology. This technology allows the tiny drive to maximize its computing performance and focus on reliability. In addition, the 850 EVO mSATA features the Device Sleep functionality, enabling it to operate idly with a highly efficient 2mW. This is a very attractive feature, as maximizing battery life in mobile computing devices is always sought after and this is where the Samsung 850 EVO mSATA form factor will be its primary residence. From a performance perspective, this little guy packs a form punch, which is highlighted by its solid showing in our smaller file consumer synthetic workloads. In our 4k random transfers, the Samsung EVO mSATA posted 9,352.90 IOPS read activity and 28,478.72 IOPS write, the latter score being the top performer. The 850 EVO mSATA also had the top read activity in the 4k random trace among the tested drives, with the 120GB model posting an impressive 9,981.55 IOPS read. Its predecessor (840 EVO), however, outperformed both 850 capacities in the 2MB random and sequential benchmarks by a noticeable margin. Our Real-World Benchmarks showed inconsistent results overall. For example, during the HTPC and gaming traces, the 1TB model posted results that placed it in the middle of the pack, while the 120GB model registered numbers at the bottom. However, when looking at the Productivity trace, 1TB mSATA dominated is competition, boasting 13,594.17 IOPS, 400.43MB/s, and 0.577ms in average latency. That being said, its 120GB brethren had significantly slower results. Though its performance was a bit uneven at times, its power ratings were very consistent. Here, we recorded noticeably more efficient consumption when compared to the 840 EVO mSATA, which was headlined by the 120GB model best-of-class results. Ultimately there are very few options when it comes to unique form factors like mSATA. Samsung has largely done well with the 850 EVO though, making it a good choice in a market segment bereft of opportunity. Those with ultra-thin computers will be thrilled to have a modern mSATA SSD option and specialized devices that need embedded storage can now incorporate a 1TB drive that provides excellent large block sequential throughput without the expense associated with the enterprise counterparts. In total, the 850 EVO strengthens Samsung's grip on this market with good performance and much improved power consumption. 

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