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Razer Nabu X

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  • Razer Nabu X review


    • Affordable
    • Discrete design
    • Long battery life
    • Comfy fit


    • Some buggy features
    • Apps are lacking
    • Notifications oversimplified

    Fitness trackers, especially the entry level ones, don't offer much in the features department, so I can't say that Razer didn't try. The issues I have with the Nabu X seem as if they can be fixed over time with software updates.But as is, this wearable isn't a piece of tech to get excited about. The whole gaming tie-in is also puzzling, considering that something blinking and buzzing on my wrist is going to distract me no matter what.Still, there's not much I can find to outright hate about the Nabu X. But it doesn't make me want to jump up and down, telling people to get rid of their current fitness trackers. Instead, it just leaves me feeling indifferent.For 50 bucks, though, I can say it won't dent your wallet if you want to give it a go. Just don't expect anything special.

    6 år sedan