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Signs (US)

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Externa recensioner om Signs (US)
  • Video: 8/10
    Audio: 9/10
    Extras: 6/10
    Film value: 7/10

    For an evening's entertainment, "Signs" certainly works well enough. It's an interesting film because it downplays the supernatural and emphasizes reality to the degree that it makes the whole idea of an alien invasion seems all the more possible. A solid concept and performances overcome a narrative that can seem plodding at times and obvious at others--including the ending, which most people will see coming before the spaceships start to double-park. But give Shyamalan credit for taking a big concept and dealing with it effectively on a microcosmic level.

    12 år sedan
  • High-Def Digest

    The Movie Itself: 6/10
    HD Video Quality: 6/10
    HD Audio Quality: 8/10
    Supplements: 4/10
    High-Def Extras: 0/10

    'Signs' is all build-up with little pay-off. While I admire M. Night Shyamalan's commitment to delivering subtle, Hitchcockian thrills, quite frankly 'Signs' just takes far to long to get to an underwhelming conclusion. This Blu-ray is a solid if unexceptional presentation, with good video and audio, and not-bad supplements. But is this a must-have catalog release? Not really.

    12 år sedan