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Crucial MX200 2.5" 7mm 500GB

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  • Crucial MX200 500GB SSD Review


    • Exceptional endurance rating
    • Good peek performance
    • Reasonable price point
    • Variety of premium features


    • Benchmark performance is lower than the MX100

    Score Details

    • Innovation: 2/5
    • Performance: 2/5
    • Compatibility: 5/5
    • Cost / Value: 5/5

    There is no denying the glaring similarity between Crucial's new MX200 and the previous generation MX100. However, with Dynamic Write Acceleration on lower-capacity versions, double the endurance rating (reliability) and lower price tag, the MX200 is an attractive purchase despite conservative performance.

  • Crucial MX200 500GB SSD Review

    Conclusion  Crucial's MX200 is indeed a worthy replacement for one of our all-time favorite SSD's; the MX100. In our opinion, Crucial's MX200 is the best bang for the buck SSD on the market today. It's not the fastest SATA III SSD on the market, but Crucial's MX200 is certainly among the fastest. Most drives in the MX200's price range are utilizing inferior TLC flash to keep costs low. Not Crucial, they utilizing premium MLC flash in BGA packages. Crucial's MX series SSDs are the only drives in their class that have onboard host power-loss protection. Host power-loss protection is just one piece of Crucial's exclusive four-layer Data Defense scheme ensuring data protection to a level that far exceeds industry standards. What impresses us most about Crucial's MX200 is how it delivers by far the best write transfer rates we've seen from any SATA III SSD.  Let's talk for a moment about what we liked and disliked about Crucial's MX200 500GB SATA III SSD. What we disliked: We would have liked to have a five-year warranty instead of a three-year warranty. What we liked: Premium components, superior write prowess, Crucial's four-layer data protection package composed of host power-loss protection, RAIN data parity, Adaptive Thermal Protection and advanced hardware level encryption, class leading endurance. Most of all, we love the pricing. We can recommend Crucial's 500GB MX200 without reservation.  PRICING: You can find the Crucial MX200 500GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive for sale below. The prices listed are valid at the time of writing, but can change at any time. Click the link to see the very latest pricing for the best deal. United States: The Crucial MX200 500GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive retails for $199.99 at Amazon. Australia: The Crucial MX200 500GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive retails for $349 at PLE Computers. Canada: The Crucial MX200 500GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive retails for CDN$258.83 at Amazon Canada.

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    Crucial MX200 SSD Review


    • Excellent 2MB sequential/random performance (500GB)
    • Comprehensive set of reliability features
    • Low power consumption

    Conclusion The MX200 is Crucial’s newest line of consumer SSDs that target users looking for an economical upgrade to an SSD-based system for their laptops or PCs. The new SSDs are equipped with SATA 6Gb/s interface, Micron MLC NAND and the Marvell 88SS9189 controller. The MX200 comes in a variety of form factors; 2.5” 7mm, mSATA, M.2 Type 2260 and M.2 Type 2280, allowing it to apply to a variety of applications from Ultrabooks to specialized OEM needs. For more pedestrian needs, Crucial includes a handy 7mm-to-9.5mm adapter bracket as well as Acronis True Image cloning software, adding additional value to the MX200 package. Beyond the top line specs, the drive heavily focuses on reliability and endurance. The MX200 incorporates the company’s Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN) technology from Micron, offers a 1.5 million hours MTBF rating, Power Loss Protection, and Data Path Protection. Crucial has stated on many occasions that performance isn't the main focus of their drives; ultra reliability is their main driving factor. All of this is possible in part due to Crucial using their own Micron NAND, which allows them to take full advantage of their own internal firmware team to develop a long lasting solution. All of these reliability features are also normally only found on enterprise-class drives, so consumers will be getting a lot out of these SSDs in terms of deep feature set. Though the MX200 offers consumers with a ton of value and reliability, Crucial’s new SSD is a mixed bag when looking at its performance. In our sequential 2MB workloads, the Crucial 500GB MX200 had top performing read and write activity, with 498.61MB/s and 458.81MB/s, respectively. This was good enough for second place among our test consumer SSDs in the read column. Our random workload told a similar story, with the 500GB model taking top spot in reads. The 1TB model also performed well, reaching 488.17MB/s read and 451.203MB/s write (sequential). However, the 1TB model's performance took a serious hit once we put it through our 4k benchmarks. This trend continued during our server profile tests with the exception of workstation activity, in which both drives placed at the top of the leaderboards. Our real-world workloads showed performance well below par, with the MX100 outperforming its successor (both MX200 capacities took last place by a significant margin in the HTPC and Productivity scenarios). However, the MX200 picked up a bit in our read-intensive gaming benchmark. When looking at its power consumption, our tests showed that the MX200 showed serious improvement over the MX100 (the ~500GB models), with a maximum reading usage of only 2.51 watts compared to 4.16 watts of its predecessor. Overall, we weren’t too surprised with the performance results of the MX200, as Crucial drives have a history of generally doing well in synthetic workloads, only to fall off in traces. However, it was surprising that the MX100 outperformed its successor in several of our benchmarks, considering Crucial's claim that the MX200 is improved in essentially every category. At the end of the day though, if this is considered to be a mainstream SSD, buyers are generally more interested in price and reliability than performance. The MX200 carries a very affordable price tag at roughly $139 for the 250GB model and $249 for the 500GB model (which works out to be $0.5/GB) and that's more or less street price (not promotional). Given the MX200 use case as an HDD replacement or embedded solution for an OEM, the performance is probably good enough and will have appeal to the mainstream and value buyers.

    6 år sedan
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    • Bra prestanda
    • Stöd för hårdvaruaccelererad bitlocker
    • Kondensatorer för att skydda data vid strömavbrott


    • Långsammare än 850 Evo
    • Dyrare än MX100 trots samma prestanda/funktioner
    • Bara 3 års garanti

    MX200 är uppföljaren till MX100 och har därmed samma funktioner som sin föregångare. Det betyder stöd för hårdvaruaccelererad kryptering (TCG Opal 2.0 och IEEE1667, MS e-drive) och delvis skydd mot strömpikar och strömavbrott med hjälp av kondensatorer. Kontrollern är densamma och minneskretsarna är i princip densamma. Denna modell presterar därför nästan identiskt med MX100 och det gör att den presterar överlag väldigt bra och är därmed konkuranskraftig i mellanklassen. Den nya funktionen DWA (SLC-cache) är tyvärr inte aktiverad på 500GB-modellen och kan därför inte användas. Detta gör MX200 500GB till en dyrare version av MX200. Det är en bra SSD men det dyrare priset gör den svårmotiverad så länge MX100 finns. Vårt tips är att köra med MX100 så länge de finns i lager. Men hittar du MX200 till lägre pris, kör på den.

    6 år sedan