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TViX HD M-7000

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  • EISA Awards 2009-2010

    European Digital Media Player/Server 2009-2010

    Dvicos TviX HD M-7000 offers an easy and comfortable way to play your entire media library ? MP3, AVI, MKV, FLAC files and more ? including family videos filmed on a digital camcorder. This player supports all current HD codecs while Dvicos firmware updates keep you ready for future developments. It includes a built-in hard disk drive (various sizes are offered by different sellers), but it can also be connected easily to any Network Attached Storage unit. An HDMI v1.3 interface gives easy and reliable connection to any modern TV with very good video/audio quality, while legacy TVs can be connected to the player via its composite video output. And if you connect this player to an AV receiver via HDMI or S/PDIF, your media files or DVDs may be enjoyed with full multichannel sound.

    11 år sedan
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    12 år sedan