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Be Quiet! Pure Rock

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  • be quiet! Pure Rock


    • Very quiet
    • Good build quality
    • Ability to mount second fan
    • Easy to install
    • Solid warranty


    • Performance could be better
    • Blocks one DIMM slot
    • Fan clips for extra fan not included

    be quiet!'s Pure Rock is a good entry level cooler for the mainstream market. Its exceptionally low noise levels make it a good option for those who value quiet computing. It doesn't hurt that the build quality is good as well, with solid fins that are straight and even and a high quality fan. The aluminum top plate and heatpipe caps further improve the cooler's quality feel due to be quiet!'s attention to detail. Users looking to gain some extra performance can also mount a second fan. One of the defining features, however, is the ease of installation. Compared to that of the Dark Rock 3, the mounting hardware is much easier to work with. With good build quality, a solid warranty of three years, decent looks, and an easy way to install, the be quiet! Pure Rock is a solid addition to the mainstream market. However, a few issues do crop up. First, the Pure Rock's performance could be better. It's not terrible, but fails to live up to the performance of its similarly priced rivals. It also blocks a single memory slot in its default configuration, which its newest rival does not. Finally, a second set of fan clips to mount a second fan has not been included, which, while a very minor issue, could have made for a nice feature. Overall, none of these issues are terrible as they are mostly due to bad luck and a lack of extras. The Pure Rock overall just fails to stand out. It's a damn good cooler but doesn't excel in any one category. Memory clearance is okay, but not perfect, which limits you to low-profile sticks so long as you use four or more. Performance is on par with most similarly priced coolers, but the Pure Rock still fails to beat them. Instead, it offers low noise levels. In the future, be quiet! may also wish to look into offset designs to offer better memory clearance and new features. As of right now, the Pure Rock is just another standard entry level tower cooler. While there is nothing wrong with that, it doesn't stand out from among the many coolers other manufacturers have on offer.

    6 år sedan