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Sega Dreamcast

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    Sega Dreamcast

    IntroductionSomeof you may be a bit surprised to see a review of a video gaming systemhere in the pages of Audio Revolution. Home video game systems can be asignificant part of home entertainment and are relatively inexpensiveand easy to add to your home theater.The Sega Dreamcastis the current king of the hill and will not face any seriouscompetition until Sony’s second generation Playstation is out(reportedly later this year). The Dreamcast is a technical powerhousewith many new and innovative features.The Dreamcast has a 200 mhz, 128-bit CPU. Coupled with the unit’s NECVR chip set, this allows intricate three-dimensional graphics to bedrawn quickly and smoothly. Most other console games have either 32- or64-bit processing. The Dreamcast’s 128-bit processor allows processingof data in groups two to four times larger in size. The result isfaster and smoother gaming.Foraudio processing, Sega went to Yamaha. Yamaha ...