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Corsair HX1000i 1000W

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  • Corsair HX1000i 1000W


    • excellent ripple suppression, all rails
    • excellent voltage regulation, all rails
    • fan test switch
    • Corsair Link
    • easily met Platinum efficiency
    • excellent build quality


    • nothing

    Conclusion Now having seen two of the new HXi series units, I can pretty much call the line a winner for Corsair. Is the 1kW model the best unit I've ever seen? No, not quite. But it's awfully close, and certainly good enough to keep all but the most demanding people happy. Right now, the only major thing against this unit is the price compared to something like the EVGA P2 units, and Corsair Link goes a long way to negating that advantage. Good job with these units, Corsair.

    6 år sedan
  • Corsair HXi Series 1000 W


    • Delivered full power at 46°C
    • Very high efficiency
    • Low ripple on all rails
    • Good performance in Advanced Transient Response tests
    • Low inrush current
    • Silent operation (currently the quietest 1 kW PSU I have ever tested)
    • FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan
    • Semi-passive operation
    • Fully modular cabling design
    • Lots of available connectors, including eight PCIe and two EPS connectors
    • Digital interface allows monitoring of functionality through the Corsair Link software
    • Can be transformed into a multi-rail (+12V) PSU through Corsair Link
    • The software provided very accurate power in/out and efficiency readings
    • Fan-test button
    • 7 year warranty


    • Voltage regulation at +12V should be tighter
    • Performance in Turn-On Transient tests was not optimal
    • Small distance between peripheral connectors

    With their new HXi units, Corsair decided to bring some digital features to the HX line. Although the latter employ analog circuits for their operation, they use an MCU (microcontroller), which not only acts as a digital bridge for the Corsair Link software as it also gives users the ability to control the fan's speed, or enable/disable multi-rail mode. I am pretty sure many of you would also like to see digital control like in the more expensive AXi units implemented, but such would apparently increase production cost significantly, seriously affecting the product's retail price. The HX1000i performed pretty well overall, achieving very high efficiency levels with, especially, normal loads. Ripple suppression was also very good and output noise was minimal, not only for a PSU of this capacity, but also in comparison to smaller units. The only thing I would like to see improved is the +12V rail's load regulation, which wasn't very tight. Such a class-leading PSU should stay within 1% on this rail, but the HX1000i only managed close to 2%. However, I should stress that 2% isn't bad, but it definitely isn't ideal either, especially for a PSU that belongs to the high-end category. CWT obviously meant to provide the unit with the highest possible efficiency, leading to cuts in +12V load regulation, which, however, also happens to be the most important rail of all.

    6 år sedan