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SilverStone SFX SX600-G 600W

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  • Silverstone SX600-G SFX Power Supply


    • very good voltage regulation
    • very good ripple suppression
    • first class output MOSFETs
    • extremely clean boardwork
    • fully modular
    • tiny


    • Su'scon capacitors

    Conclusion In a space that only takes up slightly more room than the footprint left by my Galaxy Note 2, the Silverstone SX600-G manages to be a very competent new offering for the SFX form factor people. I saw very good to excellent performance at 600 watts out of a box that you wouldn't have seen housing any kind of a legitimate 600 watt unit ten years ago. Silverstone seems to be doing pretty well at cramming decent performance into spaces nobody thought possible, and the strategy is clearly working for them. No, this unit won't match the performance of the finest 600 watt units on the planet. It doesn't have to, because it fits into places the competition currently can't and the performance is good enough to not matter. Let's just work on getting those lousy capacitors swapped out with better stuff, ok?

    6 år sedan
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    SilverStone SX600-G SFX Power Supply Review

    SilverStone's SX600-G is one of the most capable SFX PSUs you can buy. Six-hundred watts is a lot for this form factor, and today we are going find out if the company's offering is able to deliver its advertised power even in extreme conditions.

    6 år sedan
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    Silverstone SX600-G: SFX 80+ Gold PSU

    ConclusionThe Silverstone SX600-G SFX power supply delivers very good performance in a package just half the size of a typical ATX PSU. Its voltage regulation, noise and ripple, and efficiency are all very good, with the peak efficiency being as high as I've measured in any PSU thus far. The >95% efficiency at 400W load with 240VAC input means this PSU produces just a measly 20W of heat at that power level. This sample produced virtually no audible electronic noise under ~200W. Above that power level, any rise in electronic noise is masked by the broadband fan noise. In comparison with ATX PSUs of the same power rating, the small SX600-G runs louder at mid & higher power level, though its subjective volume is still moderate; this is the price you pay for for high power in a small package. The most likely application for this SFX power supply is in a small, mini-ITX, single video card, high performance gaming rig. The SX600-G is ideally suited for this purpose, in one of the dozen or so SFX-based cases Silverstone offers. The short, flat-profile, completely detachable output cables are very useful for assembling such a computer. It might also be useful with its ATX adapter plate to use in place of an ATX power supply in cases where the power supply limits space for the CPU heatsink. In summary, SX600-G is a useful addition to Silverstone's roster of power supplies, as its is entire SFX line.

    6 år sedan