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NZXT Kraken X31 120mm

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    NZXT Kraken X31 Review

    ConclusionAfter you review coolers for a while, you see that for the most part there is not a lot of difference between them. So, what sets this cooler apart from all the others?  What does NZXT bring to the game? A lot. NZXT has beefed up this latest version of the Kraken with a thicker radiator and that translates to performance. The pump and fan are variable speed and are conveniently controlled through NZXT's easy to use CAM Digital Control software. The CAM software gives you the ability to monitor what is going on with your pump and fan as well as other system components. The mobile app will allow you to see what is happening when you are on the go, and it will even send you messages if problems are detected.Installation was quick and easy, especially with the extra long, flexible tubing. This gives you more freedom for radiator mounting locations depending on the style of case you have, and I like the smooth surface of the tubes.