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Fractal Design Core 1100 (Svart)

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  • Fractal Design Core 1100 Computer Case Review

    The Core 1100 makes a great case for a small office or a professional business environment. This will make a great case for someone who is upgrading from an OEM case or is looking to replacing a very old computer case. It will also make a great case for small gaming PC's. Keep in mind that water cooling and cable routing capabilities are very limited. What is really disappointing about the Core 1100 is there really is not a lot of improvements over this compared to its predecessor. I do not see a reason why someone should upgrade to the Core 1100 when they already have the Core 1000. A smarter upgrade would be to jump to the Core 1300 or the Core 2300. Although there is not much improvement over the Core 1000, the Core 1100 will still get the same job done.

    Professional and simple design
    Sturdy construction throughout the exterior
    One quiet 1200RPM 120mm fan preinstalled
    Front panel I/O ports are actually on the front
    Side panels are very easy to take off
    Easy to build for both enthusiasts and beginners

    No CPU or cable routing cutouts on the motherboard tray
    Limited storage capabilities if large graphics card is installed
    PSU mounts on the top instead of the bottom
    Thin side panels can potentially cause bending and vibrations
    Vertical hard drive bracket can cause limitations for some users

    Performance: 8.00
    Appearance: 9.50
    Construction: 7.00
    Functionality: 7.50
    Value: 8.75

    6 år sedan