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Kingston SSDNow mS200 SMS200S3 240GB

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    Kingston SSDNow mS200 mSATA Review (240GB)


    • Low price point
    • Can easily be used to upgrade a ultra-thin laptop or tablet of desktop board with mSATA support

    Conclusion The Kingston SSDNow mS200 is an mSATA SSD with OEMs and enthusiasts in mind. It comes in multiple capacities from 30GB up to 480GB, uses Toshiba MLC NAND and SandForce controller. The mS200 comes with a 3-year warranty (2-year for the 30GB). From a performance perspective, the Kingston mS200 had a few strong showings throughout. It even ran pretty well with the 840 EVO, which was one of the top performers in the consumer real-world benchmark tests. The mS200 didn't achieve its claimed sequential read/write speeds of 550MB/s and 530MB/s; it hit a 326MB/s read and 196MB/s write in our 2MB sequential test. The Kingston mS200 random did come out on top with the 4K write performance and it had the lowest average write latency, but it slumped behind in 4K read performance. Overall the main competing factor for the Kingston SSDNow mS200 is its low price, coming in with street prices below the Intel SSD 525 and Samsung EVO mSATA.

    5 år sedan