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Oppo PM-1

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Externa recensioner om Oppo PM-1
  • Oppo PM-1 Headphone

    Planar technology
    Rich sound
    Understated good looks
    Voicing too rich for some
    Crosses the $1K barrier

    Performance: 9
    Features: 10
    Comfort: 10
    Value: 8

    6 år sedan
  • Performance: 4.5/5
    Value: 4.5/5

    If you are looking for the most revealing, highest resolution headphone regardless of fit or amplifier compatibility, the Oppo PM-1 will probably not make it on your short list. However, if you want easy-to-drive, ruggedly constructed headphones that are so comfortable, it's easy to forget you are even wearing them, the Oppo PM-1 may be just what the audiologist ordered. Although I had at my disposal several more revealing headphones during the review period, I often chose the Oppo PM-1s over those headphones because they are supremely comfortable and their midrange presentation is so clean and uncolored. For some audiophiles, labeling the Oppo PM-1 as "a music lover's headphone" might be the kiss of death, but I think that a large portion of audiophiles will find that the Oppo PM-1 ranks as the best all-around, general-purpose headphone currently available and can deliver more long-term musical enjoyment on a wider variety of sources and devices than the vast majority of "reference" headphones. After an hour with the Oppos, you may find, just as I did, that taking them off is the last thing on your mind.

    6 år sedan