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  • LG GGC-H20L (Blu-ray/HD DVD Combo Drive)

    ConclusionHaving a hybrid drive capable of reading both HD formats is a significant step towards greater adoption of Blu-ray and HD DVD-ROM. The other major factor is probably price. As we have seen in the US market, falling HDTV prices have led to a remarkable buying spree from consumers and we believe once these group of new users settle down with their purchases, the next inevitable step would be to sample the much touted HD versions of their favorite movies. Unfortunately for them, when it comes to choice, there aren't that many on the consumer electronics front. The prices have fallen for both Blu-ray and HD DVD players but if you're (wisely) reluctant to choose sides, the only hybrid player offered by LG is still extremely expensive at around $999. But if you're a computer enthusiast, you're in luck. The new LG GGC-H20L looks like the perfect Christmas gift for HTPC enthusiasts. Those waiting for such a hybrid drive to plug into their systems will rejoice, especially when they learn that it is retailing for around US$269 - 299. It's not a mainstream type of pricing yet but compared to the XBox 360 HD DVD drive for example at US$129, it's very reasonable.