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Corsair Graphite 760T (Svart/Vit/Transparent)

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Externa recensioner om Corsair Graphite 760T (Svart/Vit/Transparent)
  • Corsair Graphite 760T


    • Excellent construction
    • Great water-cooling possibilities
    • Three 140 mm AF140L fans included
    • Lots of space behind motherboard tray
    • Excellent cable-routing and hiding possibilities
    • Excellent 2.5" brackets on the backside of the motherboard tray
    • Modular hard-drive cages
    • Great tool-less installation method for drives
    • Tension locks for optical drive bays work well
    • Massive window
    • Fan controller included
    • Latches for the doors
    • Doors swing open nicely
    • Dust filter on front and top
    • All-black cables
    • Large opening in the motherboard tray allows for access to the CPU, regardless of which board is installed
    • Tons of space for large coolers, boards, and graphics cards
    • Available in two colors
    • No more bumps, but real main board spacers instead


    • No external 3.5" drive
    • Hard-drive cages cannot be secured when hung from the top down
    • Using a long radiator will block a 5.25" bay
    • No lock on latches
    • HDD trays work, but have a tiny bit of play
    • No USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter
    • Very few zip ties

    Just as with the Obsidian 750D, there is very little wrong with the Graphite 760T. Corsair has done a great job in growing the 230T's look into what we saw today, and while the 760T is considerably more expensive than the 750D was at launch, there is some added value to be had. There are its hinged doors and the two-speed fan controller, and gone are the bumps for the motherboard, which is a good little upgrade. There is also a functional stealth cover now.

    6 år sedan
  • Corsair Graphite 760T Case


    • fan controller
    • huge
    • grommeted cable routing holes
    • can handle three stacked 3.5" drive cages in front, plus one in front of the power supply
    • four 2.5" drive caddies
    • gorgeous


    • did I mention I hate that stealth 5.25" bay cover? Well, I do.

    Conclusion As full tower cases go, Corsair's Graphite 760T is in general an improvement on what was already a pretty decent case in the Obsidian 750D. They've added features I was missing in that case, like the fan controller, and they've vastly improved access to the case by employing magnetic latching side panels. If they can just get rid of that dreadful stealth optical bay cover and add a few more parts to the accessories box, we'll have just about the perfect case here.

    6 år sedan
  • Inget betyg NordicHardware -  Rekommenderar

    NordicHardware - Rekommenderar


    • Plats för extremt långa grafikkort
    • Kylningspotential
    • Lättarbetat
    • Välbyggt, har hög kvalitétskänsla
    • Smart och stilren fönsterdesign


    • Plastiga hårddiskhållare, ingen direkt dämpning
    • Något högt pris
    • Inte det tystaste chassit

    Corsair Graphite 760T passar användare som
    Vill bygga en dator som ska visas upp
    Vill använda sig av ordentlig vattenkylning
    Planerar på att använda färdiga vattenkylningskit
    Vill ha fönster på sitt chassi

    Corsair Graphite 760T passar mindre bra för användare som
    Är ute efter riktigt låg ljudnivå
    Vill ha så litet system som möjlligt
    Som inte vill visa upp sina komponenter

    6 år sedan