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Linksys LGS124

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  • Linksys LGS124 24 Port Gigabit Switch Review

    Conclusion>Final Thoughts  If you operate a small business or home office, using a Layer 2 or Layer 3 switch isn't always the most efficient way to manage your network; especially if all of the higher-end features of said switches aren't needed. For those that still need multiple ports to connect their office computers and devices together, unmanaged switches like the LGS124 can be a savior. Switches that are unmanaged require no setup at all; in fact, you can just plug them in, connect your devices, and get to work. It's really that easy. For the most part, switches in this day and age have very few features that set themselves apart from each other. In terms of performance, most gigabit switches are more than capable of handling typical traffic from multiple computers. In testing, we found the LGS124 very capable, as it pushed nearly 21 Gbps of bandwidth through the twenty-two ports we used, with latency remaining low throughout. In our transaction testing, we found the switch capable of 4200 transactions per second with HTTP, and 1475 with https://FTP. At any rate, the switch is an integral part of the infrastructure when building a home or office network. The unmanaged LGS124 is best suited for those that need a simple option with no management features, to connect all of their devices, including computers or IP phones. In fact, I used this is the exact switch to wire my entire home with Ethernet in every room. Market pricing of the LGS124 is set at $199.99, with a limited lifetime warranty. Comparable products in this market are the Netgear JGS524E at $229.99, and the TRENDnet TEG-S24G at $149.99.