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Apple iPad Air 16GB

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iPad Air är den femte generationen av iPad. Den tredje och fjärde versionen drogs in under 2013, men iPad 2 behölls i sortimentet. iPad Air har samma skärmstorlek som sina föregångare men är lättare och snabbare. Skärmen är fortfarande av Retina-typ. Stäng
iPad Air är den femte generationen av iPad. Den tredje och fjärde versionen drogs in under 2013, men iPad 2 behölls i sortimentet. iPad Air har samma skärmstorlek som sina föregån... Läs mer
Produktgeneration: Apple iPad Air (1st Generation). 7 produkter i generationen. Inga föregångare och 2 efterföljare
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  • Ipad Air i stort test


    • Formatet
    • Prestandan
    • Appbutbudet
    • De inkluderade apparna


    • Ios känns inte helt Ipad-anpassat

    Score Details

    • Uppkoppling och anslutningar: 7/10
    • Media och skärm: 8/10
    • System & program: 7/10
    • Användarupplevelse: 8/10
    • Material & kvalitet: 9/10
    • Totalbetyg: 78%

    5 år sedan
  • iPad Air review


    • Sleek design
    • Powerful innards
    • Great suite of free apps


    • No TouchID
    • Camera features lacking
    • 16GB version is too small

    Make no mistake: Apple finally nailed the tablet with a great combination of specs, power and a decent OS in this option.It's a joy to hold the iPad Air, even though it's now the thickest option in the iPad range. From the clever construction to the perpetually capable processor to the improved user interface, Apple has found an answer to every criticism I had of the older devices, and then some.The fact it's not even more expensive than its large-screen brethren is really impressive for an Apple product, and the suite of apps that are now free, coupled with the excellent App Store and premium build, make this a no-brainer for anyone looking to enter the tablet market at well under the £400 mark.I'd advise that you get the largest-capacity iPad Air your budget can manage – although now that the iPad Air is the entry-level model you no longer get the larger options, which is a shame. What's more, with rumours of an iPad Air 3 on the horizon, the iPad Air's days may be numbered.But we can only review what's in front of us, not what might be in the future. You've seen the score, and for those keeping tabs you'll realise the iPad Air is techradar's first five-star tablet. It's a device with almost no flaws – and even though the iPad Air 2 is out, it remains one of the best tablets available today.First reviewed: November 2013

    3 år sedan
  • iPad Air


    • The iPad goes on a diet and gets a makeover-- it's much slimmer
    • lighter and better looking.


    • As ever
    • no SD card slot or USB host port and no direct access to the file system.

    ConclusionLike we said in our iPad mini with Retina display review, if you're an iPerson, go for it. The iPad Air is delightfully light to hold, has a fantastic display, a superb display and there are a wealth of apps, from games to productivity to music creation and business apps. The same drawbacks are here, including no SD card slot, a locked down file system and a UI that's not customizable, but for millions of folks the ease of use, quality, friendly and capable Apple support staff , huge selection of accessories and app selection are more than enough to counter those points.

    4 år sedan
  • Apple iPad Air review

    Apple's best tablet ever, it's small, light, incredibly powerful and has an amazing screen

    5 år sedan

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