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Krell Foundation

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  • Krell Foundation Surround Processor

    Superb sonics
    High build quality
    No widgets, gimmicks, or extraneous features
    No widgets, gimmicks, or extraneous features
    Klunky OS, incomplete instructions, non-backlit remote

    Audio Performance: 10
    Video Performance: 10
    Features: 6
    Ergonomics: 6
    Value: 8

    5 år sedan
  • Performance: 4.5/5
    Value: 4.5/5

    How did Sunfire and Meridian blow this price point from the mid-2000s? Home theater enthusiasts who wanted premium sound without shelling out five figures bought thousands of preamps in this range. Hell, back then Krell was a major player in the pre-HDMI AV preamp market, before national chains like Ultimate Electronics and Tweeter went Chapter 7. Today is a different story, and the Krell Foundation AV preamp represents a forward-thinking product at a price point that is expensive but not crazy. Let's call it "aspirational" for many AV enthusiasts, and that's a breath of fresh air, as too many top products cost well above $10,000.

    6 år sedan