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WD Black WD4003FZEX 64MB 4TB

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  • Western Digital Black 4TB 3.5" Consumer HDD (WD4003FZEX) Review

    Conclusion  The second generation 4TB WD Black ushers in a new level of performance for consumer grade HDDs. This should allow gamers and creative professionals to achieve the performance and capacity they desire in one storage solution. In our testing, the WD Black had no equals and if we look at the consumer HDD market at this point, you will see that it is the only offering available next to HGSTs 7K4000 with a 7200RPM spindle speed. Now the obvious trade-off of the WD Black is power consumption, the drive used a touch over 10 watts in sequential workloads, and idle power consumption was not much lower at 8.3 watts. However, in my mind, if you are even thinking of using the WD Black, you are not concerned with power draw - you want performance and capacity. As for use scenarios for the WD Black, I feel it would suit very well, consumers who want a high capacity, high performance OS drive for their gaming adding to this creative and media professionals that stream multiple large workloads. 

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    WD Black 4TB Desktop Hard Drive Review (WD4003FZEX)


    • Top-in-class performance
    • Huge improvements over prior generation
    • 5-year Warranty


    • A bit pricey

    Conclusion The new WD Black ships in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB capacities and is the company's updated offering in their high-performance, high-capacity line. The WD Black provides users with a reasonable power consumption option, as quoted power figures hit the 8W in typical idle operation and around 9W for an overall average. Beyond that, the drive features blistering speeds of 171MB/s of sustained throughput with great average latency response times. The new WD Caviar Black is by in large one of the fastest 3.5" HDDs on the market today with its target users generally being those looking for the most explosive performance available in an HDD, without giving up capacity. Along with its top-in-class performance, the new WD drive also features Vibration Control Technology, or VCT, which allows the platters to adapt to any mounting problems or vibration conditions. As a result, this increases reliability, accuracy, and performance over time. In our tests, we found the new WD Black Caviar 4TB performed significantly better overall compared to the other 7,200RPM hard drives with the exception of the Hitachi 7K4000, which kept pace in a few categories. In mixed workloads, the new WD Black was frequently at the top of the pack by quite a large margin--especially when it came to throughput--with sequential read transfer performance clocking in at 20MB/s higher than the closest HDD. The updated WD Black HDDs promised higher performance of up to 48 percent, better accuracy, stronger reliability and a greater efficiency; it delivered just that, making this a highly recommended HDD. 

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