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Zalman VF1000-LED

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  • Zalman VF1000 LED & RHS88


    • Performance both with the fan at "low" and "high"
    • Low noise
    • Noise/performance ratio
    • Design
    • Relatively easy installation even with the RHS88 optional cooling system
    • Modder's dream cooler (cool and blue)
    • Suits almost every type of system right from a modded system to a low noise one
    • Versatile


    • High Price
    • Quite heavy (380 grams)

    The VF1000 LED coupled with the RHS88 aluminum profile is probably one of the best cooler + heat sink combinations available for GeForce 8800 cards on the market today. The fact that the cooler performs well both at high and low fan speeds makes the cooling solution really versatile in the sense that it's usable in both high performance and low noise systems. Installation of both the VF1000 LED and the RHS88 was quite easy. There was absolutely nothing left to coincidence, all the different steps of assembly were adequately described in the user's manual. Performance of this cooling solution was no let down either. Managing to beat the stock cooler (at high RPM) with the fan only running on 7V is a real feat. With the VF1000 LED's fan running at low it was really close to being inaudible even with all the fans in my system turned off. If I just turned on one of the 120 mm fans I couldn't make out from where the sound was coming. Also at high setting this cooler manages to pull ahead with a decent margin, however, this didn't equate to more MHz on either RAM or core, but this is of course due to the voltage limitations on the core (most 8800 GTS 320 MB cards won't do over 648 MHz core).

    12 år sedan
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    Zalman VF1000 LED VGA Cooler Review

    Hardware Secrets Golden Award

    The VF1000 LED VGA cooler from Zalman is an excellent product. It achieved both better performance and less noise level than the stock cooler of our GeForce GTS 250.If that was not enough, the cooler looks nice, with the all-copper heatsink and the fan with blue LED. And the Fan Mate 2 fan controller is very effective, with the possibility of being placed inside or outside the case.The installation is quite simple, and it has five hole sets, so it can be installed on most video cards. There are a few issues, however. First, it does not push the hot air from the cooler to the outside, which can increase the internal case temperature, when compared to the stock cooler (that pushes the air to the outside). So, you will need to care about case airflow in order to be sure this hot air will not affect overall cooling. The second factor is the price: the VF1000 LED is not inexpensive. But, considering how much noise you will get rid of, it may be a fair price to pay.Because of its temperature and noise performance, the Zalman VF1000 LED VGA cooler receives the Hardware Secrets Golden Award.

    9 år sedan
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    Zalman VF1000 LED Graphics Card Cooler

    ConclusionFrom a design standpoint, there is only one flaw in the Zalman VF1000 LED graphics card cooler, and that is the stock fan. It is fairly loud at full speed, but this is mitigated by the fact that it does undervolt well. By including a Fan Mate 2 manual fan speed controller, users can adjust the noise output to their own level of tolerance — we recommend 5V. Compatibility is good — the VF1000 will fit on almost any modern desktop graphics card with a few notable exceptions: The ATI HD2900 series and nVidia Geforce 8800 series (the Geforce 8800GTS/GTX/Ultra is compatible if you use the VF1000 in conjunction with Zalman's ZM-RHS88 heatsink package). These cards have additional components (mostly VRMs) on the PCB which require separate heatsinks for cooling. You can of course use your own memory or MOSFET heatsinks to cool these components. Lastly and most importantly, the VF1000 is the best graphics card cooler we've ever tested. It absolutely dominated the VF900-CU and the X1950XTX stock cooler with ease. The design is simple and beautiful as are so many of Zalman's products, and it doesn't use up a lot of real estate. The price is high, but if you want quiet, superb VGA cooling without taking up a massive amount of space, put the VF1000 LED at the top of your list.

    12 år sedan