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Velodyne MicroVee

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  • Velodyne Microvee review


    • High-tech looks
    • Absurd low-bass performance for the size


    • Low extension limited by the piston diameter

    11 år sedan
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    Velodyne MicroVee Subwoofer Review

    Velodyne has once again demonstrated it could provide the most amount of bass per square inch that the laws of physics would allow. I love seeing the reaction in my friends' and family's faces when they sit down to hear my computer system - not realizing there is a MicroVee sub hidden behind my trash can providing all the low end boom. It blended well with my desktop system, transforming its sheer depth and soundstage by providing the much needed low end extension my small speakers were incapable of producing. If your crammed for space and need some bass, give the Velodyne MicroVee a try.