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Microsoft Xbox 360 E 120GB

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Den Microsoft-utvecklade Xbox 360 Elite lanserades 2008, med finesser som uppspelning av video i 1080-upplösning, internetkoppling och 120 Gb hårddisk. Xbox är möjlig att använda för sociala medier som Facebook och Twitter, men även på Xbox eget community, Xbox Live. Naturligtvis finns det även ett stort antal spel till konsolen. Stäng
Den Microsoft-utvecklade Xbox 360 Elite lanserades 2008, med finesser som uppspelning av video i 1080-upplösning, internetkoppling och 120 Gb hårddisk. Xbox är möjlig att använda ... Läs mer
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  • Inget betyg

    Stor hårddisk
    Fortfarande lika grym

    Låter mycket
    Inte tillräckligt rejäla uppdateringar

    Xbox 360 rockar och är fortfarande vår favorit. Men sett till vad Elite erbjuder i mervärde så känns den inte helt och hållet klockren.

    Form/design: 6/10
    Ljudkvalitet: 7/10
    Bildkvalitet: 8/10
    Funktioner: 7/10
    Användarvänlighet: 7/10
    Prisvärde: 6/10

    12 år sedan
  • Xbox 360 Elite


    • Elegant design looks stylish in most entertainment setups
    • Extensive digital media capabilities
    • Excellent games library
    • Robust online community
    • Powerful 3D graphics


    • Like the original Xbox 360, the Elite generates a considerable amount of noise and heat
    • Console still lacks internal Wi-Fi
    • Power supply is way too bulky
    • No internal high-definition optical drive

    Even though the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite won't sway current owners to upgrade, its impressive feature set and strong online community make it the high-powered console to own.

    5 år sedan
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite review

    Build Quality: 8/10
    Features: 9/10
    Value for Money: 7/10
    Overall: 8/10

    If you haven't jumped on the Xbox bandwagon just yet, but had planned to (Halo 3, anyone?), the Xbox 360 Elite merits your consideration. The inclusion of the 120GB hard drive, HDMI, and full 1080p support may make this console pricey, but it's also a much more attractive option than its predecessor.

    12 år sedan

  • Evolution not revolution is the name of the Xbox Elite’s game with an HDMI-out and bigger hard-drive the bait for anyone who managed to resist the original’s charms

    12 år sedan
  • Register Hardware

    The fans will stay divided, but the Elite gives Xbox the edge - for now...

    12 år sedan
  • PC Magazine

    With worldwide sales tallying over 10 million units since its release a year an a half ago, Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform is poised to overtake its predecessor. Already, the adoption rate of Microsoft's online gaming/media service, Xbox Live, has surpasse

    12 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Home Theater Mag

    Build Quality: 9/10
    • Same impressive construction, now in a sturdy black shell

    • Still runs a little hot, but the big fans do their part

    Value: 9.6/10
    • 120-gigabyte hard drive offers six times the capacity of the original

    • HDMI cable? It's in there.

    Features: 9.1/10
    • Free firmware update means it does more, does it better, and faster

    • Integrated Xbox LIVE Marketplace puts a world of entertainment at your thumbs

    Performance: 9.5/10
    • DVD upscaling over HDMI—from DVD tray or HD DVD drive—looks spectacular

    • Still some of the best gaming graphics and sound around

    Ergonomics: 9.4/10
    • The redesigned Xbox Dashboard speeds navigation of the many layers of interactivity

    • Would I have preferred a built-in HD DVD drive? Who wouldn't?

    Overall Rating: 9.4/10
    If you waited to buy the Xbox 360—holding out for, say, the upcoming Halo 3—take heart. The Elite is clearly the superior machine. Add another $200 for the HD DVD drive, and you have it all, without compromise.

    10 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    PC World Canada

    Improved high-def movie playback and bolstered specs--including HDMI--highlight Microsoft's newest version of its popular game console.

    13 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    I Review Electronics

    The Xbox 360 delivers the power and performance of a high-end gaming PC, including impressive digital media and networking features. All games are in high-definition; excellent user-friendly Dashboard interface; built-in support for wireless controllers; excellent online gaming and communications via Xbox Live; backward compatible with many (but not all) original Xbox titles (backwards compatibility is via the hard drive).

    14 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Xbox 360 Elite console


    • HDMI socket
    • 120GB hard drive
    • Great graphics


    • Power pack is massive
    • Still noisy

    Conclusion So what do we think? Well this isn’t a new console we've been presented with, merely an update of an old friend, however we are pleased to report the update is all good. The inclusion of a HDMI socket brings the console into the Home Cinema arena "proper", while the bigger hard drive will certainly help multimedia fans when Microsoft launches its movies on demand service later this year. Is it worth the premium? We think so. While Microsoft has said that both the Core and the Pro models will be getting HDMI sockets, there is no guarantee when this will be, and even then Microsoft has said that it will only be phased in as current stock runs out. And what about it up against the PS3? Well the verdict is still out on this one. Adding the HD DVD drive for an addition £99 and a further wireless console means that it's virtually the same £435 price point. But where the Xbox 360 wins out at the moment is the plethora of games like Gears of War already available. There's no built-in TV tuner feature like that announced this week from Sony, however with Paramount and Dreamworks backing HD DVD it is something to bear in mind. If you're a gamer and you want to get into the Xbox 360, this is the way to do it. Skip the Core and Pro and stump up the extra £50. It will be worth it in the long run.