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Seagate NAS HDD ST4000VN000 64MB 4TB

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  • Seagate NAS HDD (ST4000VN000) 4000GB HDD Review

    Conclusion  Back in July of last year, Western Digital launched the first purpose built NAS hard drive, and for the longest time I was waiting for Seagate to do the same. Today this has come to fruition with the NAS HDD, offered in two, three and four TB capacities. With the launch of a 4TB model, Seagate has one upped WD when it comes to storage capacity with 20TB now being capable in a 5-bay NAS, and since the WD Red tops out at 3TB currently, it makes you wonder how long before WD announces their Red at 4TB. I must admit, after receiving the press release for the NAS HDD, I thought this was just a rebadged Desktop HDD, but it's not. Seagate has taken much of what they have learned in the enterprise sector and applied it to a drive, which is in reach of the average consumer. We now have technology like dual plane balance and NASWorks that supports highly customized error recovery controls, power management and higher vibration tolerance catered just for the 24/7 high heat environment of your typical NAS appliance. Performance of the NAS HDD was on par with the Desktop variant throughout most of our testing, and well ahead of the 1TB single platter WD Red NAS drive. Most notably the performance was a balanced effort between read and write speeds, this coming as a byproduct of Seagate's NASWorks technology. At the time of writing pricing of the Seagate NAS HDD in the 4TB capacity is set at $209.99 with high availability. You will also find the 3TB and 2TB capacities listed at $169.99 and $139.99, respectively. 

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    Seagate NAS HDD 4TB

    ConclusionThe Seagate NAS HDD 4TB is another high capacity drive that puts performance on the back burner to achieve quiet, low vibration, and energy efficient operation. Its obvious competitor is the WD Red 4TB which offers many of the same features. The Red edges forward in a very close race. The Red scored 6% higher overall in our real world performance tests but again, it was an incredibly tight contest. Take away the NAS HDD's poor boot time (which is obviously not a factor in a NAS that's always on) or ExactFile result, and we're left with a virtual dead-heat. But if you judge which is the superior drive based on environmental characteristics, the Red has the advantage there as well. It performs slightly better in every category except for power consumption when seeking. Still, the overall difference is so small that it would be hard to differentiate the two in a real-world setting. The biggest measurable difference is the NAS HDD's slightly higher noise output when seeking. You'd be hard pressed to discern this unless the drives were in very close proximity. NAS boxes and small servers are typically placed in closets or out-of-the-way corners so it's unlikely acoustics even come into the equation. Seagate's solution has one important advantage: Lower price. The US$160 street price of the Seagate NAS HDD 4TB is quite a bit cheaper than the US$190 WD Red 4TB. You certainly don't lose much by going with the cheaper drive, and the price difference balloons as the number of drives increases. If you go with Seagate, filling a four-bay NAS will save you US$120. Bump it up to five and that last drive is practically free compared with five WD Reds. For most users, the WD Red 4TB's slight advantages are negligible compared to the cost advantage of the Seagate NAS HDD 4TB, making the latter the more pragmatic option.

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    Svenska HDD-Guiden: Seagate NAS 4TB (ST4000VN000)

    NordicHardware - Bra köp


    • Bra förhållande mellan lagringsutrymme, pris och prestanda


    • Finns 4TB-diskar som ger fler gigabyte per krona

    Seagate NAS är en hårddisk som inte har det absolut lägsta priset per gigabyte, men som ger en god balans mellan att ge mycket utrymme per enhet, ett bra pris och vettig prestanda. En NAS har generellt ett mer begränsat antal utrymmen att fylla med hårddiskar, så för den kategorin är det vettigt att satsa på en 4-terabytesdisk även om 3-terabytesmodeller kan ge mer utrymme per spenderad krona. Disken har dessutom en mycket låg specificerad strömförbrukning och ljudnivå. Seagates modell är ett mycket bra köp för den som är ute efter ett kostnadsmedvetet hårddiskval för sin nätverkslagring.

    5 år sedan
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    Seagate NAS HDD Review


    • Higher mixed workload and sequential throughput than WD Red
    • Greatest capacity in NAS HDD segment
    • Better latency consistency in mixed workloads than WD Red


    • Back of the group random 4k max latency in write activity

    Conclusion The Seagate NAS HDD is one of just two drives on the market designed specifically for implementation in small NAS devices. The NAS HDD comes in capacities up to 4TB with spindle speeds at 5,900RPM and a 6Gb/s SATA interface. Seagate engineered the NAS HDD in response to the different performance and reliability requirements NAS devices have compared to standard desktop HDDs. Seagate delivers an option for users to populate a NAS device from a range of the many supported devices Seagate tested against with the NAS HDD. Providing greater assurance that the NAS HDD will provide performance and reliability, Seagate developed and included NASWorks firmware. The firmware fine-tunes the drive using a range of features. It includes error recovery controls, ensuring that the drive complies with NAS system requirements, and it also features power profiles for low power options that are significant to users running several drives. When we ran the Seagate NAS HDD through the paces, we expected performance to be solid, but it's also significant to keep in mind that the drive is primarily designed around enhancing itself for NAS workloads and environments. That's why Seagate engineered and implemented the NASWorks firmware; this isn't just an HDD, it's a drive designed for longevity in continuous operation, 24/7 NAS scenarios. For comparables, we tested the Seagate NAS HDD against the WD Red, the only other small NAS-specific drive on the market as well as the entry-enterprise WD Se and Seagate Constellation CS which are designed larger NAS deployments. The Seagate NAS HDD 4TB outperformed the WD Red 3TB (top capacity for that model) in just about every test. As expected, the NAS HDD wasn't able to exceed the transfer speeds nor maintain lower response times than the WD Se and Seagate Constellation CS, but of course those are enterprise class drives. The NAS HDD did excel where it mattered, posting better throughput than the WD Red, and it provided tighter latency consistency in all of our mixed workloads. At the same time though, the NAS HDD's 4k max latency write figure was at the back of the group. Overall, the NAS HDD provides better performance than the market's other option, the WD Red, while providing the features necessary for NAS implementation. 

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