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AKG K240 Studio

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  • Performance: 5/5
    Value: 5/5

    High Points:

    • The k240's build quality is exceptional and its looks, while retro, should appeal to both young and old. AKG has saved the flashy color schemes for its Quincy Jones line (which shares a lot of similarities with the k240) , though for those who would rather walk softly, the k240 should fit the bill nicely.
    • The cushioning, head strap and overall fit of the k240 makes it among the most comfortable headphones I've ever had the pleasure of placing atop my head.
    • The easily removable, single-cable design employed by the k240 makes management not only easy but also ensures long-term reliably down the line, for it rarely snarls and can be quickly replaced should something go bad.
    • The k240's sound quality is phenomenal and far superior, in my opinion, to many of the so-called studio headphones that try to emulate it. Its sound is neutral throughout, with real air and extension from top to bottom. Dynamics are superb, as is its ability to sound positively spacious. Bass is real and natural, while highs sparkle without any overt harshness. Vocals possess clarity and an organic nature that bodes well for music playback as well as dialog tracks.

    Low Points:

    • I often criticize headphones for having too short a cable. In the instance of the k240, it may be too long. Thankfully, it doesn't become tangled and is robust enough that you can coil it easily, but for personal on-the-go use, it may be too much.
    • Speaking of cables, the k240 has no level of cable-oriented controls of the kind that have become popular with headphones as of late, thanks to the proliferation of smart phones in our culture. Be advised.

    The AKG k240 Studio headphones are nothing if not phenomenal overachievers. They manage to be good in the studio, as well as in the home, and do so in a way that is effortless and refined. Their sound quality is sublime and, despite their pro audio DNA, they manage to be fashionable in an old-school sort of way. While so many other manufacturers and headphones may be dead set on looking the part, the AKG k240 Studio headphones are the real McCoy - and my new personal reference.Additional Resources• Read more headphone reviews by's staff.• Explore sources in our Source Component Review section.• Learn about how headphones might be the gateway to audiophilia.

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