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Toshiba MG03ACA400 64MB 4TB

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  • Toshiba MG03ACA400 4TB Enterprise HDD Review

    Conclusion   Toshiba has been designing and delivering enterprise HDDs since 1967 and has a long heritage of offering reliable HDD's to address the needs of the datacenter. The MG03ACA300 offers up a high capacity solution that comes in at a very low cost per GB. The MGo3ACA series of HDDs are designed specifically to address capacity-intensive Tier-2 business-critical networked storage systems and cloud storage. The Toshiba MG03ACA400 performed well in our testing, with performance that falls into the gap between the Western Digital SE and the Seagate Enterprise Capacity V.6. It is important to bear in mind that this is a Tier 2 storage solution that is well suited for storing bulk data. The random write performance of the Toshiba HDD is a strong point, nearly reaching the levels of the V.6 in both 4k and 8k access. In sequential read and write, the MG03ACA400 performed well and provided speeds that are very close to the rated specifications. The random read and write latency is very closely matched to the Seagate V.6, and easily beat the Western Digital SE. In our fileserver emulation, the Toshiba HDD easily beat the rest of the competition. The great performance in fileserver workloads illustrates the focus on a design that is well suited for its intended environment. In our power testing, the Toshiba HDD posted slightly higher average results than the other HDD's, but we must take into consideration that the scale of the charts can magnify small differences in overall power consumption. In most cases, the differences were at or below 1 Watt. In our IOPS-to-Watts testing, the Toshiba was always within a few IOPS of the competition. The bright spot for the Toshiba MG03ACA400 in our power testing came from the sequential write tests, where it consumed less power and delivered a great IOPS-to-MB/s ratio. One of the greatest advantages of the MG03ACA400 comes in the form of its low power sleep state. This allows the HDD to consumer less than 6 Watts at idle, and at the same time be ready to provide data to the host at any time. Toshiba also offers both SAS and SATA versions to address both market segments. There is also the option for models with enhanced encryption features such as T13 SANITIZE crypto-scramble and T13 ATA security erase. From a pricing standpoint, the Toshiba MG03ACA400 features a lower price structure than the Seagate Enterprise Capacity V.6. With its blend of solid speed, reliability and capacity, this Toshiba hard drive will be a wise choice for those with large static data sets. The Western Digital SE carries a much lower price than either of the competing HDDs, but also features markedly lower performance.