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Crucial M500 mSATA 240GB

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  • Crucial M500 240GB SSD Review

    Conclusion  What a difference one-process node makes. However, the Crucial M500 240GB does in fact still suffer from low write speeds, compared to other products on the market. The 240GB model does double the performance offered by the 120GB model, but it's not like Crucial has the only SSD on the market. Products from other manufactures don't have the same issue, even those with IMFT 20nm flash. The difference is in the controller, mainly Team SandForce manufactures, which are taking advantage of compressible data performance increases. We've seen and talked about the mass exodus of companies moving away from IMFT 20nm flash. ADATA used to purchase IMFT die by the wafer and build their own packages, but we're starting to see ADATA SSDs ship with SanDisk flash. This increases the cost quite a bit and when the supply of IMFT runs out, the SX900 and SX910 drives will cost more at the e-tail level. When the M in IMFT stands for Micron, Crucial's parent company, your hands are tied from using Toshiba/SanDisk Toggle 2.0 flash. Making matters worse, 25nm consumer flash is EOL. This process node is starting to look like a disappointment from many different angles, but Crucial has to just ride it out and hope yields increase, so they can drop the price of the M500. Increasing yields will also allow Crucial to make more 960GB capacity M500 drives. Maybe stating it publicly will help reduce the number of emails I get. No, I do not know where to get a 960GB M500 for the MSRP. That said, the 960GB M500 is what many people want to purchase, but we're still getting a lot of questions about the 480GB M500. That review will come in a day or two. Stick around and we'll see if the 480GB can shake the slow write speed blues and deliver the performance we've come to expect from Crucial.