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    B&W ASW 610XP Subwoofer Review

    The B&W ASW 610XP sealed powered subwoofer system utilizes a high quality Kevlar/pulp resin 10” driver powered by a 500 watt class D amplifier. Carrying an $1,199 retail price, this sub sports impressive parts quality, built in user adjustable EQ, and manages to deliver quality bass out of a very small enclosure. We found the ASW 610XP to be very musical and best suited for supplementation of bass shy speakers, or small listening venues. The attention to detail and design execution are first rate and this sub is built like tank. The ASW 610XP receives our Bassoholics “Small Room” recommendation. Being the smallest and lightest subwoofer yet tested via our new subwoofer measurement protocol, it is no surprise that it isn't an SPL champion, but the B&W sub does offer good performance from very minimal space.