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Krell FPB 700cX

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    Krell FPB 700cx Stereo Power Amplifier

    IntroductionInAmerica, we love things big. We buy big houses, big vehicles and whenwe eat, we “super-size” our meals. We like monster trucks and enjoywatching big athletes play in the “Super Bowl” on our big-screen TVs.Therefore it’s no wonder that there is a market for huge audioamplifiers. For over 20 years, Krell Industries has been famous formaking some of the biggest, baddest and most powerful amplifiers in theworld.The Krell FPB (Full Power Balanced) 700cx is Krell’s latesttop-of-the-line amplifier in the FPB stereo amplifier line-up. Theamplifier retails for $14,000 and is rated at 700 watts per channelinto eight ohms, 1400 watts into four ohms and a whopping 2800 wattsinto two ohms. Having recently reviewed the Krell FPB 400cx, I wasreminded of the Krell’s top build quality. Weighing in at 180 poundsand measuring 19 inches wide, 10.3 inches tall and 25.5 inches deep,makes ...

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