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Sony Xperia L C2105

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  • Sony Xperia L


    • Bright 4.3-inch display
    • Intuative interface
    • Responsive interface


    • Dire camera shutter speed
    • Unreliable Wi-Fi connections
    • Poor plastic build

    2 år sedan
  • Sony Xperia L review

    Surprisingly good value with superb low-light camera performance - an excellent Budget Buy handset

    6 år sedan
  • Sony Xperia L review


    • Decent battery
    • Bright screen
    • Fantastic camera
    • Shutter button


    • Fiddly keyboard
    • Outdated design
    • Poor front camera
    • Average performance

    We are left a little confused at the end of this review, mainly because we really wanted to like the Xperia L. We're always fans of a phone that you can show off to your friends and have them say "yeah, that's a nice phone", only for you to be able to say "but wait, did you see this?" and hear them gasp as you show off the neat party trick.That neat party trick is clearly the camera, and as we have said, we feel that the camera is really something special. For those that want a decent camera phone, but don't want to pay loads, you might want to look at the Xperia L.The rest of the Xperia L can feel a little disappointing, however. It certainly moves along okay, but throw anything too heavy at it and the whole phone seems to stutter. Having access to Sony's Playstation store made us hopeful of some gaming prowess, but those dreams were soon put to bed.In all, we can see the Sony shifting a few Xperia Ls based on that camera, but for those that just want a cheap nippy handset, especially for those that have just started back at school, the likes of the Nokia Lumia 520 and Moto G provide better value for money.First reviewed: October 2013

    6 år sedan