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Meridian Explorer

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  • Meridian Explorer USB DAC

    Computer-friendly USB DAC
    Headphone amp
    Clean and precise sound

    Audio Performance: 8
    Features: 8
    Ergonomics: 6
    Value: 10

    6 år sedan
  • Meridian Explorer DAC


    • Clear and refined sound
    • Subtle detail and precise timing
    • Engaging performance
    • Elegant and portable design
    • Plays 192kHz files natively
    • Up against some really capable rivals that are cheaper


    • Up against some really capable rivals that are cheaper

    The Explorer’s design and assured sonic performance makes it a top contender in its niche market – it’s a great product

    7 år sedan
  • Performance: 4.5/5
    Value: 3.5/5

    High Points:

    • The Explorer is a well-crafted, well-built portable USB DAC that appears capable of withstanding the rigors of travel and/or hours of on-the-go use.
    • The Explorer comes with a convenient travel pouch that holds both the unit and its short USB cable.
    • Mac enthusiasts will have an easier initial experience with the Explorer, but it is compatible with PCs, too - you just have to download a driver first. Once downloaded, the Explorer is 100 percent plug-n-play.
    • The boost in gain and also sound quality is not what I would describe as subtle. While it may not have enough juice to power inefficient headphones, most modern cans should pair well with the Explorer, resulting in improved bass response, midrange liquidity and high-frequency composure. Do the Explorer's capabilities and claims ring true? Yes, they do.
    • You can even utilize the Explorer in your main stereo rig by running it between your computer and preamp or AV preamp/receiver, though admittedly the Explorer is aimed at the portable or personal audio market.

    Low Points:

    • Because the Explorer is not 100 percent plug-n-play with PCs, it is possible you could have a setting elsewhere in your system that could cause for some initial setup issues. This is not the fault of the Explorer itself, but rather in the settings of your computer system. Apple isn't immune to this, either, though I didn't encounter such a hiccup via my MacBook, so any implied issue is conjecture.
    • The included USB cable may prove to be a little short for some, in which case you will have to spring for the cost of acquiring a longer miniUSB cable.

    At $299, Meridian's new Explorer USB powered DAC isn't cheap among other similarly equipped and/or portable DACs, but I feel its price can be justified once its capabilities are heard. I threw arguably the worst our modern music ecosystem has to offer at the Explorer and, rather than then be shown the error of my ways and asked to leave, the Explorer not only made the best of its bad situation, but made it enjoyable. If I were one to listen to headphones more regularly, I would definitely not want to go back to running cans bone stock from a headphone jack, as the improvements provided by the Explorer were just that good.

    7 år sedan
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    Meridian Explorer USB DAC Preview

    I'm always on the lookout for a good quality and feature-rich USB DAC. It's an important device if you plan to use external speakers for your laptop of desktop computer. It's a total bonus if the DAC includes a nice headphone amp and the ability to handle both outputs as needed. Today, Meridian released its Explorer USB DAC. It's basically a pocket-sized high-resolution USB DAC that the company built to deliver the best possible audio from a PC. Since this USB DAC has analogue outputs for both headphones and stereo analogue audio, the Explorer can be used in a variety of applications from private headphone listening to full system playback.