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Halo 3 - Limited Collector's Edition (Xbox 360)

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Externa recensioner om Halo 3 - Limited Collector's Edition (Xbox 360)
  • Not at all what we'd hoped from such a big box.

    The campaign, which is very good, is Halo 3's weakest point. It doesn't capture the cavalier spirit of the original Halo, but you'll still have fun playing through it. There's no first-person shooter on 360 that can equal Halo 3's blend of cinematic action, adrenaline-pumping shootouts, and male- (and female)-bonding gameplay. Look beyond the gameplay and you have a rich feature set unlike anything ever delivered in a videogame. The Forge and the replay functionality raise the bar for console shooters so high, it may never be surpassed this generation. There will be plenty of aspects for fans to nitpick, but it's hard to argue against Halo 3 as the most complete game available on any console.The first bonus disc is fantastic, but the second disc is a total disaster. Many were excited about seeing the cut-scenes from Halo 1 and 2 beautifully redone. Instead, you get video so poorly compressed, it is almost unwatchable. If this was one of your primary reasons for looking into the Legendary Edition, back away. It's not worth the extra money.

    Score details
    Presentation (10/10)
    An amazing replay editor, four-player online co-op, map editor, and community support make this the most robust feature set ever in a videogame.
    Graphics (9/10)
    Despite a few moments of slowdown, this is a gorgeous game, especially considering the demands of the replay function. And it's to die for in 1080p.
    Sound (10/10)
    This is the reason God created Surround Sound. Halo's theme is a futuristic anthem that inspires the troops. The chatter during combat is fantastic.
    Gameplay (9/10)
    There are a few questionable design choices in the campaign, but this series remains the most fun first-person shooter on the planet. Multiplayer and the Forge are fantastic.
    Lasting Appeal (10/10)
    The campaign won't take you long to complete, but this is a game that can be played for years. There are so many things to do, and it's so much fun to do them.

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