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Fujifilm FinePix X100S

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  • Inget betyg
    Test: Fujifilm X100s – en förfinad uppdatering

    Conclusion Det är utan tvekan som Fujifilm har lyckats bygga en riktigt bra kamera med x100s. Problemen från förr har försvunnit, vilket gör att funktionaliteten som kameran faktiskt är kapabel till också kommer till sin fulla rätt. Kameran är bra på mycket. Med sin hybridsökare passar också kameran många olika typer av fotografer, även om vissa begränsas av att brännvidden.  Kameran lockar nog till sig både fotoentusiaster, och proffs, och kan man stå ut med den något mediokra batteritiden så kan kameran vara ett spännande köp. 

    7 år sedan
  • Fujifilm X100S review

    A stunning design and jaw-dropping image quality – worth the high price

    7 år sedan
  • Fuji X100S review


    • Detail-rich images
    • Bright lens
    • Retro-style controls
    • Solid build


    • Filters are JPEG only
    • Bulky
    • Limited continuous AF

    By taking some of the best elements of the Fuji X-Pro1, such as the sensor design and Quick Menu, Fuji has produced a worthy update to the X100, and many owners of this camera will feel sorely tempted by the X100S. The improved handling and image quality makes it a very desirable step up.The Fuji X100S is a very enjoyable and rewarding camera to use, its hybrid viewfinder is superb, the retro-style controls enable quick control over exposure and the advanced filters are available when you fancy a bit of fun.While the autofocus system isn't on a par with those on a DSLR or some compact system cameras, it is fast and accurate enough in most situations.Using a fixed focal length lens is also rather liberating, making you more inclined to walk around a potential subject to find the best vantage point.Most importantly, the images (especially the raw files) have plenty of detail, and noise is well controlled.

    7 år sedan
  • Fujifilm X100S

    Design: 10/10
    Features: 10/10
    Ease-of-use: 10/10
    Image quality: 10/10
    Value for money: 9/10

    It may look almost identical to the original X100, but the new X100S includes so many improvements, particularly to its operational speed, that it definitely feels like shooting with an entirely new camera. We were sceptical about what the X100S would offer and whether it could tempt X100 owners (ourselves included) to upgrade, but after actually using the X100S for a prolonged period of time we're more than interested in trading up. That capital "S" in the name really does stand for Speed, making the X100S a much more well-rounded camera than its predecessor.

    7 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Fujifilm X100S

    •Excellent JPEG image quality - little need to shoot Raw except to correct WB
    •Very sharp 23mm (35mm equiv.) F2 lens
    •Fast and responsive when shooting (with decent SD card)
    •Speedy and generally accurate hybrid AF (but still slower than the best M43 CDAF systems)
    •Versatile manual focus mode with effective focus aids (peaking and digital split image)
    •Excellent, highly versatile hybrid viewfinder
    •Logical and effective ergonomics
    •Q menu for easy access to key shooting settings
    •Useful DR expansion up to DR400%
    •Versatile in-camera Raw conversion
    •Film simulation modes are fun, and look great (Velvia for sunsets? Yes please)
    •Handy built-in ND filter has little or no negative impact on image quality
    •Optional wide-angle converter gives great-quality 28mm (equiv.) field of view

    •AF can still get confused occasionally even in bright conditions
    •Histogram does nothing useful in manual mode (when it would be most useful if it worked)
    •No face-detection AF
    •Rear LCD somewhat prone to glare in bright light (use viewfinder instead)
    •EVF switch can be fooled when sun is behind or to one side (occasionally refuses to switch off LCD)
    •Rear jog switch under-utilized (should be customizable)
    •Rear control dial small and fiddly - lacks clear detents
    •Only one-step magnification option in EVF/LCD live view mode
    •Highest ISO sensitivities only available in JPEG mode
    •In-camera Raw conversion doesn't offer 'live' preview of adjustments
    •Still takes 'long press' of shutter button to wake camera from sleep

    In-lens shutter can't offer maximum speeds at wide apertures

    •Unexciting video mode, clunky ergonomics, so-so audio and occasional moiré issues
    •Shots taken in continuous drive mode still played back in silly 'slideshow' display
    •Focus must be acquired for every exposure in AF-S mode (use AFL to get around it)
    •Battery life drops considerable when shooting and reviewing movies
    •Very little warning when battery gets low (goes to totally empty very quickly)

    7 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Fujifilm X100S

    Fujifilm's X100S is a compact, retro-styled camera with a large APS-C sized sensor, fixed 35mm f2 equivalent lens and the choice of screen or viewfinder for composition. Announced in January 2013 it's the successor to the X100, a model that revitalized the market for fixed-lens cameras…