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Marantz MM8077

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  • Performance: 4.5/5
    Value: 4/5

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        I used the MM8077 in a couple of systems, with speakers from Wisdom, MartinLogan, and my reference B&W 800 Diamonds. Overall, the Marantz MM8077 performed extremely well, with a sonic character that leaned toward a warmer, fuller sound. I was able to listen to stereo and multi-channel music for hours without any fatigue. The "warm" sonic character adds liquidity and body to the critical midrange and is thankfully balanced to also provide the detail necessary for demanding multi-channel soundtracks. My only caveat is that some difficult-to-drive, full-range speakers may push this amplifier to its limits. I have no problems recommending the MM807 to listeners who are searching for a multi-channel amplifier that is equally at home with both music and movies.

        7 år sedan