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Intel 525 Series mSATA SSD 240GB

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    Intel SSD 525 mSATA Review


    • Class-leading Performance
    • Strong performance in our real-world traces
    • Excellent mixed-workload throughput
    • 5 year Warranty


    • Intel SSD 525 mSATA 

    Conclusion Though not entirely dominant, the SSD 525 had the fastest performance numbers to date out of an mSATA SSD in our real-world traces and pretty good performance in the sythetic workloads overall. It is worth noting however that the SSD 525 tested literlly just a point or so higher than the Plextor M5M mSATA in our traces making them quite comparable to the point it's unlikely the end user would notice a difference. Overall, for users looking for another option in the mSATA SSD space, the Intel SSD 525 mSATA provides very fast speeds. Like the rest of the SSD world though, performance is just one factor to consider when it comes to buying. Intel has done a very good job building their storage brand in terms of compatibility and reliability, two factors that are perhaps more important to OEMs and integrators who are going to be buying the bulk of these drives. Thanks to Intel's large engineering teams, they have an advantage few others can replicate when it comes to these factors, along with intimate knowledge of the NAND used since it's their own. They also have a dedicated in-house firmware team. In aggregate the SSD 525 mSATA performs well, but when factoring in the engineering backing, the 525 sets itself apart as currently a best-in-class offering in this form factor.

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