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SVS SB13-Ultra

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  • Performance: 5/5
    Value: 4.5/5

    With a sub of this caliber, you'll surely make enemies of your neighbors, but you'll have so much fun doing so that it's totally worth it. The bottom line is that the SVS SB13 is a meaningful audio component that's worth every penny of its $1,599 asking price. Considering the sub's performance, I'll go so far as to call it a bargain. It doesn't matter if you're a movie nut, a music enthusiast or both (like me), the SB13 will take you exactly where you want to go - which is low. With a 45-day in-home trial period and currently free shipping from SVS, what do you have to lose, except a decent chunk of change? I'd be happy to hear from anyone who auditions this sub to see if his or her opinions match mine. If a subwoofer can make a Chrysler commercial exciting and fun to watch, then it clearly adds significant value to your home theater or audiophile system.

    8 år sedan
  • SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer

    Outstanding value
    Powerful deep bass response
    Built-in parametric EQ

    Performance: 10
    Features: 9
    Ergonomics: 10
    Value: 9

    8 år sedan
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    SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer

    Score Details

    • Performance: 10
    • Features: 9
    • Build Quality: 10
    • Value: 9

    8 år sedan