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Seagate Constellation ES.3 7200 ST4000NM0023 128MB 4TB

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    Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD Constellation ES.3 Review


    • Faster than previous models in every single workload
    • Top capacity in the Enterprise SAS 7K class
    • Offered in both SAS and SATA interfaces
    • FIPS and SED security options


    • Standard (ST1000NM0023)
    • SED (ST1000NM0043)
    • SED-FIPS (ST1000NM0063)
    • Standard (ST2000NM0023)
    • SED (ST2000NM0043)
    • SED-FIPS (ST2000NM0063)
    • Standard (ST3000NM0023)
    • SED (ST3000NM0043)
    • SED-FIPS (ST3000NM0063)

    Conclusion The Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5" hard drive line offers the top available capacity of 4TB, with several options ranging from SATA or SAS interface, to SED and FIPS security (SAS model only). The Constellation ES.3 also gets a bit of a performance upgrade over the ES.2 as well. Seagate quotes a 13% throughput gain; we saw a write improvement of 14.2% and a read increase of 12.7% in 128k sequential tests. Across the rest of our benchmarks we more or less found the ES.3 to top the prior generation drives in every test, showing Seagate has been able to eek out just that much more performance out of the platform that now offers 25% more capacity to boot.  With such a big improvement over previous-generation Constellations, it's hard to find a negative comment about the ES.3. Getting really picky, the max latency and latency standard deviation were a bit higher than we would have hoped, but given the massive speed benefit it might not play a huge role in environments which these drives are put into production.

    7 år sedan