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Dell UltraSharp U2713HM

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  • Dell UltraSharp U2713HM


    • Outstanding color quality
    • Very good light grayscale performance
    • Features galore


    • So-so dark grayscale performance
    • No auto-rotate feature

    The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is a 27-inch IPS monitor that's packed with features.

    6 år sedan
  • In principle, the U2713HM is a successful all-round monitor. There are hardly any areas in which the monitor could seriously be criticised.
    With the new AH-IPS panel, LG and Dell, show how an LED monitor should be built these days. The teething problems experienced with LED technology, such as poor colour space coverage and image homogeneity, seem to have been overcome. The screen works well and appeals to users with neutral colour reproduction in the factory settings, since it is pre-calibrated.
    Thanks to the power control of the backlight LEDs, even users who are sensitive to flickering have no reason to avoid this monitor, in spite of its LED technology. The response times are sufficiently short to ensure that only hardcore gamers should perhaps think twice before choosing this model.
    Thus, the U2713HM is suitable for a wide range of applications. Office, occasional gaming and film usage are no problem. The monitor is also suitable for image editing – ambitious users can improve the already good colour reproduction a little by calibrating the monitor. However, the user is restricted to the sRGB colour space, although coverage here is exemplary.
    This aspect represents one of the most significant differences between this model and the U2711, whose very extensive colour space also largely covers AdobeRGB. The U2713HM also lacks this latter model’s card reader and additional video inputs. However, in a time when digital signal transfer via HDMI has become the absolute standard in the AV sector, this last point, at least, can be borne rather easily.

    Otherwise, both models deliver very similar results – the difference being that the initial price for the U2711 was about 1,000 Euro, whilst the U2713HM can already be bought for around 650 Euro. At the moment, this is about the same as the price for the U2711; however, in our experience, the retail price will be considerably lower than the initial price within a few weeks.
    All in all, the U2713HM has no need to hide behind the highly praised U2711– the newcomer can match its performance in many areas. In terms of power consumption, it is clearly ahead thanks to its LED technology. Only for professional graphics editing outside of sRGB is the U2711 the better choice due to its more extensive colour space.
    And so, the oft-asked question of whether the U2711 or the U2713HM is the better monitor seems simple to answer: they are both outstanding monitors. Users who want a large, inexpensive monitor and work in the AdobeRGB colour space will inevitably choose the U2711. All others will simply be spoilt for choice.
    (Editor’s remark) Interested readers will see that the U2711 received a rating of "good" in our test, whilst the U2713Hm received a "very good". As we mentioned in our conclusion, both monitors are outstanding. At the time of the test, the U2711 did not perform completely convincingly when we tested external video playback, which caused it to miss out narrowly on a rating of very good. Sometimes, things can change in the blink of an eye.

    7 år sedan
  • Inget betyg


    Dell U2713HM is not as feature-rich as some of the previous generations but it should satisfy most users? needs with its DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI and D-SUB (VGA) interfaces. On top of that we found a USB hub and fairly good picture setting options. The monitors looks largely unchanged with its matte, black finish and all the ergonomic adjustability options such as height, tilt, swivel and pivot are available. Great.

    When it comes to picture quality the out-of-box settings were fairly accurate but nowhere near perfect. The sRGB profile was not necessarily better than the Standard profile but both aim to satisfy the sRGB color spectrum and are therefore great for most graphic artists and photographers working with SRGB colors. After calibration U2713HM performed very well indeed.

    We compared it to an older Dell U2410 which is based on a different variant of an IPS panel ? and our findings were quite interesting. U2713HM still has greyish blacks and great color accuracy, and is thus very comparable to U2410. But we also saw improvements, for example in areas such as the grainy/crystalized surface that plagued previous IPS based Dell monitors. U2713HM has a more pleasing surface that is easier on the eyes. Response time is on-par with typical IPS monitors and U2713HM is a fine monitor for movie watching, color editing and casual gaming but it is in no way a dedicated gaming monitor.

    To summarize Dell U2713HM is pretty much what we have come to expect from IPS based monitors. It is no breakthrough but it offers some improvements and the lower price compared to Dell?s last U2711 makes it a very attractive monitor. We did not recommend the old U2711 because it was too expensive at launch but with U2713HM I think Dell has created a better compromise that is worth the money for most users. Therefore it deserves our Recommendations Award.

    IPS panel and picture quality
    Color accuracy after calibration
    Ergonomic adjustability
    Desktop real estate due to high resolution
    Viewing angles
    Dirty screen look reduced considerably
    Reduced power consumption

    - Black levels
    - sRGB profile could have been better
    - Still not fast enough for real gaming

    Target Group:
    = Graphics
    = Photography
    = CAD and office
    = Multimedia

    7 år sedan