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Externa recensioner om WD Re WD4000FYYZ 64MB 4TB
  • WD Re (WD4000FYYZ) 4TB Enterprise HDD Review

    Conclusion   The WD Re addresses the need for bulk storage of cold data, and brings many enterprise-class features to ensure data integrity. The inclusion of both SAS and SATA standards, and at 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s for good measure, allows the implementation of these HDD's into a wide range of solutions. In our testing, the WD Re delivered exceptional performance in pure write environments, though it did lag behind the competition in read workloads. The 4K and 8K test results were encouraging in random environments, and the 128K sequential tests were particularly impressive in our mixed read/write testing. The WD Re did have an overall higher power consumption than the rest of the test field, but when measured from an efficiency standpoint in the IOPS to Watts testing, the WD Re scored well in comparison to the rest of the test pool. A bright spot in the performance of the WD Re was the excellent latency, which scored in tight groups with little variability. With the 7K4000 leading in many performance tests, it was surprising to see the WD Re best it at latency consistency. Some of this is due to the almost bimodal latency performance of the 7K4000. The WD Re brings a number of features to the table that makes it an attractive solution. The wide range of connectivity options make it deployable into numerous scenarios, and the option of an SED (Self Encrypting Drive) option also provides a means of enhanced data security. This can be beneficial over the course of the drives' life, and during retirement or repurposing of the drive. Features such as crypto erase and the ATA sanitize command can effect speedy data destruction that can save time and money by eliminating the need for physical destruction of the drive. While the 1.2 million hour MTBF is merely middle of the road for this class of HD, and under the 2.0 million hours of the 7K4000, the WD Re does have the best error reduction technology. This is evidenced by the 10E16 non-recoverable read errors per bits read rating, which is well in excess of the standard 10E15 for this class of HDD. Overall, there is a delicate balance of a number of factors to take into consideration. Reliability, performance, latency and power consumption are all factors to weigh when choosing the correct solution for the workload. The WD Re brings several features to bear, such as TLER, dynamic fly height technology, NoTouch ramp load, multi-axis shock sensors, StableTrac and dual actuator technology that all combine to provide the enhanced functionality of a drive with an excellent 10E16 rating. Unfortunately, the 7,200 RPM 4TB HDD lineup is very competitive, and the pricing of the WD Re can be prohibitive when compared to other solutions. This can be a premium for the enhanced reliability borne from the extensive testing and inter-operability qualifications, but many will opt for higher performance solutions at a lower price. 

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    Svenska HDD-Guiden: Western Digital RE 4 TB (WD4000FYYZ)

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    • Mycket bra och konsekvent prestanda
    • fem års garanti
    • lång driftstid


    • Högt pris

    Western Digital RE är en disk som imponerat på oss inte bara i ren prestanda, utan även i att vara konsistent i sin prestanda. Undantaget Velociraptor så ligger RE först i flera av våra tester och håller sig nästan uteslutande i toppen av listan. Prislappen är betydligt högre än den snarlikt presterande Toshiba-disken, men med det priset kommer också en längre garanti på fem år samt fin driftstid. Inriktningen är mot företag och tunga användningsscenario där RE kommer göra sig alldeles utmärkt men hårddisken är även ett bra val för entusiasten som kräver en riktigt stor och snabb hårddisk. Det går att få en betydligt billigare, bra presterande disk, men Western Digital RE är ett köp som inte kommer göra dig besviken. Vi väljer därför att utse WD RE 4TB till Bäst i test, och den kommer även agera referens för kommande hårddisktester med sin imponerande prestanda.

    5 år sedan
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    WD RE 4TB Enterprise Hard Drive Review (WD4000FYYZ)


    • Higher sequential transfer speeds than 2TB RE
    • High Capacity - 4TB


    • Outpaced in some places by the Western Digital RE 2TB drive
    • Lower Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) than competition

    Conclusion The Western Digital RE 4TB with its top-tier capacity is a welcome addition to the rich family tradition of the Western Digital RE drives. These Western Digital drives are built for the Enterprise users looking for performance while maintaining reliability and the ever expanding capacity requirements to meet your needs. With Western Digital's track record on its RE drives, there's no reason to expect anything less from the Western Digital RE 4TB Enterprise drive. Throughout all of our Enterprise Synthetic Workload test, the Western Digital RE 4TB performance is on par with the other enterprise class hard drives we tested: Western Digital RE 2TB and Seagate Constellation ES.2 3TB. The Western Digital RE 4TB did very well under our new 128K test which is designed to show the best case scenario for hard drives. We were able to see the true potential of the larger capacity updated RE, it easily outpaced the other two drives in read performance and showed significant improvement in write performance.  One of the major concerns for IT professional, is the reliability of the product and the likely hood the drive will crash or corrupte their data. Though the track record of the Western Digital RE drives have been good, it is interesting to note that it also has the lowest Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) in its class at 1.2 million hour MTBF. The newer Seagate Constellation ES.3 offers a 1.4 million hour MTBF and Western Digital's own HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 brand offers a 2.0 million hour MTBF. This doesn't mean that the RE will actually fail more often, however it's worth noting the MTBF quote lags the industry substantially.

    6 år sedan