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Fractal Design Node 605 (Svart)

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  • Fractal Design Node 605


    • Beautifully understated HTPC chassis
    • Shorter than most such HTPC cases!
    • Excellent build quality
    • Two fans included
    • Solid aluminum front panel
    • Fan controller switch for up to three fans
    • Excellent cooling possibilities
    • Card reader
    • Full ATX PSU will fit - just watch the length
    • USB 3.0 Cable comes with additional USB 2.0 header
    • Nicely hidden away connectivity and drive bay
    • Dust filters on all intake areas
    • Quiet on low fan setting
    • Plenty of space for a long graphic card
    • Well designed exterior cover for expansion slots
    • Plenty of space to work in, even when filling the case


    • No reset button
    • Hard-drive cages limit the overall length of a GPU to 280 mm - more would have been possible
    • Maximum length advertised for PSUs is overly optimistic
    • Fan controller can only adjust up to 3 fans
    • Fingerprint magnet

    The Fractal Design Node 605 is a beautiful case - perfect for its intended audience. It does cost a tad bit more than similarly shaped HTPC cases with a card reader and USB 3.0, but it uses a modern, timeless design and has excellent cooling possibilities with included dust filters. This readily justifies the price for a case of such a format. There are two aspects you need to watch if you buy the case: maximum PSU length and maximum GPU length. Both of these aspects have an effect on how many hard drives you may install into the chassis. Only if both parts are short enough can four drives easily be placed within the Node 605. That is the only real drawback of this fairly compact chassis.

    7 år sedan
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    Fractal Design Node 605 HTPC Style Case

    ConclusionThe Fractal Design Node 605's design places most of its focus on limiting dust and noise. The very fine mesh fan grills keeps larger particulate out of the case, as does the positive pressure airflow scheme. The stock fans have a nice sound and if they're too loud can be dropped down to 7V or 5V via the included controller. The noise absorbent mat on the top panel helps with standing waves and weighs it down, providing additional stability. The dampened hard drive trays do a wonderful job eliminating drive vibration, though they make it difficult to access motherboard connectors. What you won't get out of the Node 605 is cooling proficiency. As a performance case with a high powered CPU and/or GPU, it's completely out of its element. The enclosure is cramped given its total volume of just 25.5 L and without any ceiling vents, the stock fans have a heck of a time pushing out all that hot air. Our thermal/acoustic load results were abysmal compared to larger, tower style cases. Thankfully, the primary intended purpose of desktop style cases is for media center PCs which have less demanding requirements and workloads. The Node 605 is infinitely better suited for this application. The Node 605 is retailing for around US$150, which is on the high side for this genre of case. Aside from the memory card reader and fan controller, it doesn't offer any extra functionally over similar, lower cost cases, but it does deliver almost premium build quality. The chassis and panels are solidly constructed and of course nothing screams quality like a thick aluminum front bezel. You'd also be hard pressed to find a more attractive desktop chassis; the brush aluminum face, minimal adornment, and hidden ports combine to form a striking look that doesn't scream for attention.

    6 år sedan
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    Fractal Design Node 605 Case Review

    Hardware Secrets Silver Award


    • Aluminum front panel
    • Dampening material on the top panel
    • Memory card reader supporting SF, SD, and microSD formats
    • Comes with two Fractal Design Silent Series R2 120 mm fans, which are very quiet
    • Two-speed fan controller
    • Air filter for the side and power supply fans
    • Anti-vibration rings for 3.5” hard drives


    • Optical drive can only be installed with microATX and Mini-ITX motherboards
    • More expensive than its competitors

    The Fractal Design Node 605 is clearly targeted to users who want to build a nice-looking and quiet HTPC. It has a good set of features; however, its competitors, such as models within SilverStone’s Grandia series, cost less.Strong PointsAluminum front panelDampening material on the top panelMemory card reader supporting SF, SD, and microSD formatsComes with two Fractal Design Silent Series R2 120 mm fans, which are very quietTwo-speed fan controllerAir filter for the side and power supply fansAnti-vibration rings for 3.5” hard drivesWeak PointsOptical drive can only be installed with microATX and Mini-ITX motherboardsMore expensive than its competitors

    7 år sedan