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Krell KAV-400Xi

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Externa recensioner om Krell KAV-400Xi
  • Performance: 4/5
    Value: 4/5

    High Points:

    • The build quality is excellent and the units are solid and well-finished. It's not the Krell FBI integrated amp or the Evolution series, but the 400XI is also not $16,000 (or much more). For its price, the Krell 400xi integrated amp is beautifully built.
    • The KAV-400xi provides powerful and clean amplification that rivals or betters many separate systems costing more.
    • The unit's flexible design allows it to work with either single-ended or balanced sources and it can also integrate with a surround sound system.

    Low Points:

    • There are no balanced outputs to feed either a balanced recording device or external amplifier in the event you want to expand your system in the future.
    • The remote's design, coupled with the lack of backlighting, makes it hard to use in the dark.

    The KAV-400xi provides power and audiophile performance at a reasonable price. This integrated amplifier is modest in size, but provides power and refinement at serious audiophile levels. I experimented using the 400xi as a preamplifier and it provided very strong performance, but I don't see many people doing this, as the amplification portion of the unit is just as good, if not better. This integrated amplifier does not compromise either the pre-amplifier or the amplifier portions; both are very good. In order to purchase this level of performance as two separate products, it would no doubt cost much more than the KAV-400xi's asking price. This is one of those situations where you get more than what you pay for.

    12 år sedan