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Intel 520 Series 2.5" SSD 120GB

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Intels populära 520-serie solid state-diskar, här i 120 GB-version. Med oerhört kort söktid och hög överföringshastighet (uppåt 500 MB/sek), och lägre strömförbrukning såväl som ljudnivå än konventionella, mekaniska hårddiskar är den ett intressant alternativ för den som vill få lite mer fart i en gammal dator. Lanserad 2012. Stäng
Intels populära 520-serie solid state-diskar, här i 120 GB-version. Med oerhört kort söktid och hög överföringshastighet (uppåt 500 MB/sek), och lägre strömförbrukning såväl som ... Läs mer
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  • Utmärkelser:


    • Presterar bäst av de 120GB SF-enheter som vi testat
    • 5 års garanti


    • Långsam med komprimerad data (bilder, film, musik)
    • Dyr

    Intel 520-serien är Intels nuvarande high-end enheter. Prestandamässigtså presterar den bättre än sina närmaste SandForce konkurrenter, trots att komponenterna är identiska. Intels 520-serie har också ett bra rykte att vara stabila och fungera bra i de alra flesta fall. Tyvärr lider den av samma problem som alla små Snadforce-enheter. Den är långsammare än andra enheter när det kommer till komprimerad data.

    7 år sedan
  • Intel 520 Series review

    Despite its relatively low price, we can't recommend the 60GB Intel 520

    7 år sedan
  • Intel SSD 520 Series 120GB review


    • Speedy performance in most benchmarks
    • Intel's given the firmware a damn good polish


    • Write performance a little patchy
    • Not clearly faster than other SandForce drives

    SandForce performance plus Intel quality. Performance though is a little down on the 240GB version.

    8 år sedan
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    Intel 520 Series 120GB SandForce SSD

    ConclusionIn our real world performance tests, the Intel 520 Series 120GB had mixed results compared to other SandForce models, squeaking past the ADATA SX910 128GB but not quite able to catch the Corsair Force GS 240GB nor the Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB and Samsung 830 Series 128GB. Its lackluster numbers weren't buoyed by synthetics tests, either; its speed in both HD Tune and CrystalDiskMark weren't terribly impressive. The 520 also failed to demonstrate superiority in energy efficiency, with power consumption figures comparable to its SandForce comrades. What really differentiates this seemingly run-of-the-mill SSD is the Intel name and all it stands for. Like all of Intel's products, the 520 has undergone an extensive validation process. Intel worked on developing SandForce drives for well over a year before release and they've also backed the 520 with an industry leading 5 year warranty. Though the days of unreliable SSDs are mostly behind us, having an Intel drive still instills a sense of confidence in many. The stability of the drive is of course impossible to confirm without a fleet a drives and long-term stress tests, so it's really a complete intangible. [Editor's Note: These are the reasons we chose the 520s for our web server... but most readers here know that Intel is hardly infallible, either: Remember the assive Intel P67 and H67 chipsets moderboard recall at their launch?] Aside from this "X" factor and the fact that the black metal frame can be removed to make it a 7 mm thick drive, the Intel 520 Series 120GB is fairly unremarkable. It doesn't excel or falter in any particular area and its street price of US$120 is not especially affordable either by today's standards. We can't say with confidence that it's worth the slight premium over cheaper models that often dip to US$100 or below with mail-in rebates, etc. but we have a feeling even if you're not delighted with the price, you won't end up regretting the purchase.

    7 år sedan
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    Intel SSD 520 Review: Taking Back The High-End With SandForce

    If you thought that Intel had conceded the high-end SSD market to its competition, you were wrong. The company's new SSD 520 centers on SandForce's SF-2281 controller, incorporates top-bin IMFT NAND, and is protected by a five-year warranty.

    8 år sedan