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Asus ZenBook Duo UX482EG-PURE3

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  • Mycket bra
    1 månad sedan
    The UX482 has a fairly novel design with two screens and having used it for a few days I thought I'd share my experience. My use case is coding, office work and surfing. I've got the I7-model with MX450 and 32GB RAM (only model available here in the Finnish market).

    + Having a second screen is really great and useful
    + Sitting with the laptop in your lap works surprising well, depending on your posture. However, balancing it on a crossed leg is next to impossible when typing as you can't stabilise it with your wrist.
    + Typing experience is good considering the keyboard size (width is same as a 13.3-laptop but keyboard height is reduced)
    + Touchscreens works very well
    + Speakers better than expected
    + Very fast when handling developing, desktop, office-type applications
    + USB-C charger
    + When not under load it is really quiet
    + While definitely on the heavy side and heavier than my previous laptop, the weight doesn't bother me
    + The screenpad productivity apps are good (opening software at set positions, dividing screen, etc.)

    - No dedicated keys on keyboard for PgUp/PgDn/Home/End
    - Many apps can't fit in the lower screen. For example Spotify doesn't show its interface unless it is at full length, Teams refuses to show the lower part, etc. This unfortunately takes a way a lot of its usefulness.
    - I find the screen slightly more difficult to read from (contrast??) compared to my previous laptop (Dell Latitude 9370), especially when the backlight is lowered
    - Difficult to carry an open laptop with one hand as it is somewhat heavy and there are no bezels to grab with
    - The lower screen should have been tilted more upwards, it still easily reflects light from the roof
    - Trackpad difficult to use. I think it would have been better to have a wider keyboard and replace trackpad with a IBM-style pointing stick in combination with easily turning the second screen into a trackpad.
    - Only one USB A-port
    - Battery not as good as I had expected but still absolutely good enough
    - Pretty loud under heavy load
    - Semi-big Asus-logo on the back
    - The metal gets really smudged
    - No hotkey for muting microphone
    - Apostrophe is placed above the enter key, making the enter key horizontal instead of it placing left to a vertical enter key
    - You can only adjust screenpad brightness by having an overlay of the screen running at all times. Even after I've repositioned and mimised it, it still pops up at unwanted times due to me moving the mouse pointer over it.
    - While good, I stopped using the screenpad productivity apps and instead use for example Windows Powertoys Fancyscreens for screen division as the screenpad app doesn't respect a taskbar placed in that monitor.

    Overall I would recommend this laptop if you feel confident that your productivity would increase with the extra monitor, however beware of its pitfalls (sch as many apps not usable in that screen due to not meant to have such short height).