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Kolink Observatory Lite Mesh (Svart/Transparent)

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  • Mycket bra
    1 månad sedan
    Great case for the price. Note that fans always start at full speed that can only then be lowered with the remote! That said, the noise is pretty low at max speed.
  • Mycket bra
    7 mån sedan
    Uppdaterat: 7 mån sedan
    The overall build quality is actually pretty good, I was positively surprised. Make sure you get a short or modular PSU, especially if you plan on using the 3.5" drive cradle next to it. Not much space for extra cables there.

    The included fans look pretty nice but the remote only allows three speeds plus off, and the two highest ones are too loud to use. The lowest speed does keep my machine (with a GTX 1050 Ti) cool enough though. There's no way to control the speed via the motherboard, only the RGB (if you have an ARGB header).

    The airflow is indeed good, but do not buy this case for top panel radiator/fan mounting. It's got a terrible stamped honeycomb grille there, not much air goes through it. Cable management was pretty easy, there's even extra zip ties included – but no manual, or any other documentation. That has been added to the Kolink site now though

    I cut off the plastic honeycomb type grille that is behind the mesh on the front panel, the case looks so much better without it. Don't know why they even put it there, you don't need it.